OK this is it!

Asked some friends who wanna read about my bubblegirl-experiences and they all said – We do! So here goes. Remember now that english isn’t my native tongue so bare with me if it goes wrong somewhere!

 I Play poker! At least I try to but it isn’t easy when playing against monkeys who do all the wrong moves and still gets rewarded for it! I mean Come on! Call a raise-reraise all-in after rags on the flop with j 2 off? Against my pocket aces or kings? And they catch river-river 2-pairs! Asking why they do such a move and you’ll get the answer -felt it to be right! so they think that’s how to play this game.

That’s the story of my pokerplaying the past 2-3 weeks but this isn’t going to be a whining and nagging blog due to some very comforting words from both blagger and pinkdog members of the best pokerforum there is as i nagged about it last night. Questioning my bad luck and overanalyzing my hands they reminded me of what poker really is about! Having fun and plan for the long run! It’s not the losses shorttermed that counts it’s the winnings over the year!

So my confidence rised again and so my faith in my strategys! I can do it!!!!

Thanks my friends!


6 Responses to “OK this is it!”

  1. Blagger Says:

    Woot… wtg Netss.. Look forward to reading your thoughts and words 🙂


  2. netsson Says:

    Thanks hon i surely will

  3. PinkDog Says:

    Your English is quite nice, much better than my Swedish, I assure you, lol.

    You were a bit shy last night and I understand, it’s harder than most people think to tell other poker players watching you what cards you’re holding. It can be very intimidating to put your poker playing skills up for review but it is the honesty you will receive from Blaggers and myself that will open your eyes to the next skill level.

    You are a very skilled poker player and what I was trying to do last night was open up your game to play the player, not just the cards in your hand. It is hard a first and it can be very scary, like walking out on an invisible bridge that you have seen others crossing and you know it’s there and though you still can’t see it.

    I hope I’m not coming off as arrogant and if I am, it’s not meant to sound that way. It’ll be great fun to have you come out and play with us again, you will get better at poker, Blags has taught me a great deal in a very short time and we will have a lot of fun.

    So get ya web-cam setup, lol, grab your favorite intoxicating beverage, and come out to play again with us soon.

    Your Buddy in Poker,

  4. gopher Says:

    Great to see you doing a blog netty. I love having all the different outlooks on the game. Sure, we won’t all agree with the same things but thats waht will eventually make us better players in the long run.

    I have to agree with the Dog here and say keep on playing and have these guys involved. I for one (due to my game going to pot and a loss of interest) miss playing games with these guys in tow. They are a great help, and 9 times out of ten they will promt you with the correct moves.

    I hope to be in action again soon, so will hopefully join you, Blaggs and the Dog, and any of the others who also enjoy this tyoe of thing.

    You’ve made a great start to the blog netty, so keep it up!

    See ya at the tables (and/or on the mic) soon!


  5. magpot Says:

    i finally got to read your blog net i enjoyed it very much

    i too loose my patience at times and have to sit back take a deap breath and ask what am i doing this usually works and not playing for a while

    i hope you continue to gve you opinions as well as lar blag gofie and pc they really do help wtg guys

    your the greatest all of you

  6. netsson Says:

    Oooh Magpot! It means a lot to me what you think hon! 😀

    I’ve been up against you on several occasions and I have respect for you at the table.

    Please do your own blog and keep commenting in ours, I’ll read it and it’s a great way of learning more.

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