About Patience

Tonight I learned patience to the extent of a whole new level! Wow, that was mindblowing! $2.40 3-table MTT sitngo at Vegas. Down to the bubble, 6 ppl left and i was shortstacked together with one more player. Some 2000 chips left and the BB was 600 coming around quickly. Had to take a stand and make a move pretty quickly here. My last 2 rounds before that I had real good hands ace king suited and pocket jacks but I folded them. Gonna tell you why in a bit!

I was in a live-chatt with my good friends Pinkdog and Lippy (members of the forum) and we had some serious discussions about how to play certain hands.  I’m now quoting Pinkdog “I am preaching now ain’t I Netty?” and yes he was but in a good way, I got to slow down and think a bit! I’m certain that I would have yet bubbled out if I hadn’t slowed down!

These 2 hands no 1) ace king suited on the button, boy that’s a good hand don’t you think? Yeah if the guy under the gun hadn’t raised the pot 3xBB. Could my hand stand against that? No I didn’t think so and that was a correct decision. He had pocket aces. Hand no 2) Pocket Jacks my BB and what happened? Well SB raised the pot and Pinkdog got into a serious discussion with me that the guy probably had pp aces, pp kings, ace king or ace queen and in either way i would be beat i any of them cards came! OK I folded. Another reason to fold is he raised and if I only called I would have lost the control over this pot, to hold on to the control I would have to reraise his bet and from my position that wasn’t an option!

Control of the betting and table together with position and how many’s in the pot is everything! Next 3 hands caught rags but then it paid off big time on my next BB. Got the rockets, pp aces, I yelled in the chat-room i’m going all-in now. Got 4 callers on my 2400 bet. Geeeeee! Flop came up …. rags turn came ….. Jack and the river ….. rag! Woohooo I qudrupled up to 9200 chip and second position!

What happened next i really don’t wanna mention cause i got caught in a frenzy were I tried to bet my K J when there were a queen on the table and after being checked to. He called all the way with nothing on his hand and had me beat with and ace high! Another story. But at least i didn’t have to be the bubble and that’s a confidencebooster for me at the moment!

Blagger hon! You would have been proud of me if you’ve been watching. Came in 5 and make me a profit. Not much but still a profit! You’ll never know how much I learned from your video!

Pinkdog and Lippy you taught me more during this chatt than some 20 years of playing! Thanks you’re some real superb players i highly respect!


4 Responses to “About Patience”

  1. Blagger Says:

    Well whoopy-de-doo for you, then. 😉

    The fact you laid down AK and JJ 6 handed tells me you were playing very disciplined poker and I wish I had managed to stay awake a little longer to watch it.

    What happened to the discipline next though?lol

    Caught in a frenzy? I can’t imagine Dog wasn’t screaming at yah to lay ’em down. You must have been on a real buzz to manage to ignore the headphones and chase that one. lol

    And yeah Dog will keep on at yah during a game, but that is what it is all about. Getting those opinions and advice that either enforce or at the least make you reconsider the play you were about to make.

    If Dog gets a bit “preachy” it’s because he is as tied up in the game as you and is playing every hand with you. I found that Dog will repeat himself a lot during a game on certain scenario’s, like calling a percentage statistic or something like that, but, and this is a big BUT, the fact he does repeat himself a lot during the game means that what he is saying actually gets stuck in your memory.

    If you then accept that Dog knows more about percentages and statistics than me and you put together, you’ll realise how invaluable that ‘preaching’ is as a learning tool.

    Sounds like you had an enjoyable evening, and that is important, as you have said already, “sometimes we forget how to enjoy the game”.

    Myself, Dog, Gopher, Dave (SvcMgr), Lippy have been saying for weeks about how much better your game can be when you play together, discussing the hands live.

    Now you understand what we have been trying to tell everyone for the last 2 months! 😉

    Well welcome to the Poker Rat Pack Netss! Look forward to playing along with yah over the coming weeks.

    Oh and one last parting shot.. Don’t overplay lol.. Time allocation management for playing online poker is as important a part of the game as any other.

    Now off to bed with yah before the sun comes up!


  2. Svcmgr Says:

    You just gotta love having the Dog with ya. He is like the little guy on your shoulder wispering (well sometimes yelling) in your ear calling you back to reality. I have heard a few times “lay it down!” “don’t do it!” “don’t even think about it!” from him. He adds the percentage/statistic portion of the game into the thought process which I am pretty weak at.
    Most of the time I listen and consider his advice. Sometimes, I do what I think I need to do.
    Either way, the DOG is a great playing partner.
    Of course, Paulie, Lippy, and the others are great too.
    It makes it more FUN which is what it should be.

  3. netsson Says:

    I totally agree on the fact that i learned more during this one game than over the past 20 years having the chat, lippy and dog yelling and preaching at me!

    And yeah me had a hilarious time, Giggling and laughing!

    Hmmmm? About the Frenzy. Didn’t give dog time to react over what i did. It was like my bettingfinger got a life of it’s own Rofl

  4. Svcmgr Says:

    Happens to all of us. You get “caught up” in a hand and then BLAM! you are either crippled or out. After its over you say to yourself “what was I thinking?”
    The trick is recognizing it and stopping it before it happens. Thats the tough part.

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