You got to know this!

I was just reading the PokerGlobe blog and he raised some really good pointers there to all of us who really want to learn this so thrilling and fun game of Poker! If you really wanna learn this game then click on the link to the right and start reading and rereading it a dozen times! This is part of why I wanna do some comments below!

An incident that happened at the table tonight and it’s not a single incident this happens a lot more often than you think!

Openingphrase at the table – Hi everyone. Good luck and boy am i drunk!

Hmmmm? Put a note on that and keep on checking this guy/gal, yes his/her game is really a drunken one and whooopsie he/she’s out bitterly complaining and nagging at the table for hmmmm? it’s 30 min now calling us all names!

Or Check this out this guy/gal constantly chatting/fighting with this other player at the table! Oboy an unfocused player there, and he/she called with absolutely nothing not focusing on my game at all now have to fold with half the chipsstack gone!

We who takes this game more seriously than just playing a few hands hoping for luck we pick up on the tells you send out there and we do keep notes until the next time, be sure of that! I have notes on almost every single player i ever played against (including my leaguefriends, and yes you tooooo, if you were at my table!) And you got to know this, serious pokerplayers are aiming for the kill of both your evening and your bankroll laughing all the way to the bank

The frase “just feels right” and a couple of wrong turns doesn’t make it right!

Why doesn’t people wanna learn how to and this isn’t just about poker, it applies in general life when that’s the easiest way to go? There so many who really hit rock bottom after done everything wrong and doesn’t understand why and there’s so many to ask how to and you do it right from the beginning! And you find true friends doing it!

By the way

this has not really anything to do with this subject above, i found a game where you start literally with a chip and a chair, how do you put up an strategy for that? Everyone starts with one chip. $2.50 buy-in and limited to 50 players


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