What some disturbance can do

To your gamingstrategy! Oh man got hanged up during the leaguegame 2-3 times and that really did add up on my stresslevel and as another add to the stress I only had 8 hours until I had to go to work and not slept yet. (the leaguegames starts at 23:00 my time and my work at 08:00) so I didn’t do well at all there!  

Went straight ahead to a $2.40 sitngo omaha h/l my absolutely favourite game.

My strategy there were actually not set on winning or money! I set the goal to slow myself down, get my patience and focus back and to get my analyzing brain to function again! I implimented a rockhard rule on myself not to act until at least half or 3/4 of the time you have to think had gone! To think! Analyze! Calculate! And it worked. I made it to third and money! Even though I didn’t get them superhands I wished for and from time to time got that annoying feeling in the stomach cause you don’t hit and wanted to chase! I didn’t allowed myself to listen or respond to that feeling. I really needed to work on my discipline and it paid off!

Can’t enough emphasize the importance of discipline and patience! Every athlete’s gonna tell you that discipline and patience is the key to success. Go ahead ask them!

So what I’m trying to say is really to emphasize what’s there to read in PokerGlobe blog you really have to set aside time and opportunity for the game with no distractions, You need to be really up for it! (Hmmmm! I kind of nagged to blagger about me not having any patience and he summed it up cristalclear for me with one single sentence. -So don’t play!) So don’t play! That single sentence says it all, but I did anyway just for the reasons I stated earlier needed to prove to myself that I have the discipline! Boy can that last part be a trap for me! If I really wanted to prove to myself I had discipline then why didn’t I simply stayed away from all games? (Wanted to say this before anyone else wrote it on my nose 🙂 ) I don’t have any simple answer to it but I’m going to prove to myself I have the discipline to not entering any games tonight!

The risk in onlinepoker is it’s there and you’ve got nothing better to do, it tends to go routine in every game you enter, your mind starts to wandering off and all of a sudden you realize you lost more money than you set out to! the panic or desperation to get it back sets in, you start chasing every hand regardless and booom you’re deep in trouble, Your goals and strategy’s gone, totally blocked out and it’s not fun anymore!

So don’t play it’s that simple. Stay away from onlinepoker for a while, read up on it instead, i.e sklansky’s wrote superb books on how-to. If you read them already then refresh your memory without the onlinerooms and when you’ve got your priorities, strategys, goals, discipline, no disturbance, peaceful environment and eager to really have fun. Then you have a fighting chance of actually win it big

last autumn I really just entered the torunaments just cause I didn’t have anything else to do and my loosing streak sat right in! I was pretty lucky when the ISP went down for a month due to a fire in one of the nodes and after that I’ve just started a new job witch took a lot of time for me, I had to take a break for about 2-3 months with some games from time to time when I had opportunity. I really had to choose carefully what games to enter, at that time unwillingly but now it really was to my best. My maingoal and priorities is to at least make 200% profit on my account in a year. (Not impossible and a reachable goal) and to make it to the finals in the swedish ladiesteam at Innigame! And I’m gonna make it!!


5 Responses to “What some disturbance can do”

  1. dagopher Says:

    Couldn’t agree more netty! Patience is the key! Without it, you will might get lucky sometimes but generally you will end up going out of a game pretty quickly.
    It’s also good to keep reading up on poker, whether it be just the odd article or a full book.

    But most importantly for me – and you will find this out too – is to take a step back and analyse your game. As I wrote in my blog… going back to the basics will really sharpen your focus. Many of us play day-in, day out and seem to forget the basics of poker – starting hands, pot odds and probabilities and playing position. These are all the fundamental basics of poker and we should not forget them.

    One other thing to add…. when you do play, play with confidence that you will win. But watch out though. You may be playing against people you know that aren’t that good and that confidence in your own play could steadily turn into arrogance, just because you think you are a better player. Bad mistake to make.

    J]Now that I’ve mentioned that, I think I might go a little more indepth in my own blog 🙂

    Loving your blog so far netty. And I think you have grasped the fact that puting your thoughts down on a blog really does make you think a lot more about your game and does help improve it.

    Hope to see you around in a game soon. Oh, and a 200% target should be easy for you, especially if you keep that patience in check!

  2. Svcmgr Says:

    I agree Net. I think patience is the most important thing to learn. Especially on-line. Everything happens fast on-line and it gets real easy to get caught up in it.
    If you play in a brick and mortar tournament, I think it is easier to learn patience because it takes longer for hands to start, people to bet, etc. So, you get a chance to think and re-think. However, the pitfall with brick and mortar is boredom. Getting bored and starting to play hands because you are bored will get ya every time.
    They put the “fold” button on there for a reason. It is ok to use it.
    I think some of the Monkeys disable that button…lol

  3. netsson Says:

    Gofer: I really do wanna read your thoughts about arrogance at the table. Forgetting that even the worst plyer might actually get luckier than you.
    I do (shame) have to confess that it had happened occasionally that i’ve taken that road (shame) have been caught in that thought i’m the better player wich very quickly turned into arrogance!
    Selfconfidence is a great feature and this doesn’t just apply in poker but in general life but arrogance just turns you right into a humongous pain in the butt for everyone including yourself! 😀

    Svcmgr: You’re really making a good point there about boredom! I was in this post trying to address this but I think boredom is not the mainkey her it’s a symptom of what I was trying to point out! You’re really not up to the game, nothing better to do, got distractions and you’ve succeded in getting the hobby to be a routine and there’s where boredom sets in! And if there’s a tiny slight of risk that it’s boredom you’re feeling when you’re about to play either online or live then Blaggers sentence still says it all! Don’t do it. It’s actually that simple so why do we keep on complicate things wich in the end hurts us financially? I haven’t the faintest idea.

    Do you?

    Boredom can’t be the answer, it’s got to be too easy explaining it with boredom! If it’s just simple boredom than it’s real sad! Would be more fun if it were due to us being masochists 😀

  4. Svcmgr Says:

    So is your question “why do we do it when we know better?”
    I mentioned boredom becasue that effects me more in live play than during on line play. There are times in live play where I won’t even call one hand for over 1 hour. Now, 1 hour of live play may equal 20 min. of on line play, so boredom is more of a factor for me in live tournies.
    Regarding on line play. I have had to stop myself from sitting down in front of the computer and playing because there was nothing on TV and I wanted to do something.
    Even though I am not mentally prepared to WIN. The rush and excitement of winning a challenging hand, taking out a monkey, figuring out a player and knowing how to beat him, etc. to me, is more fun than a lot of other stuff.
    So, sometimes I play just to play, which isn’t the best way to WIN.
    If you want to WIN, play to WIN.
    Look at it this way. Lets say you have two different bankrolls. One to play just to play with and one to win with.
    You can set 2 different goals. With the “play” money bankroll, you goal could be not to lose all of it before the end of the year.
    With your “serious” bankroll, you goal could be to grow it by 200% in 2 months.
    So, everytime you feel like just playing, you always use your “play” money bankroll.
    But, when you want to WIN amd you are mentally prepared to play and committed to the game, then you use your “serious” bankroll.
    So, the “fill in” games and the “not so serious” games can still be played but you are not effecting your goals by using the same bankroll.
    You have to be careful in not getting “burn out”. This has happened to all of us so we take breaks for a while.
    I am thinking more about doing this myself. Maybe, even the act of changing to the “serious” bankroll to play in a game will remind me of where my head should be at and help me focus more.
    You know, saying to yourself “Uh oh, I am using my serious money now. I better play to WIN.”
    What do you think?

  5. netsson Says:

    Svcmgr: I hear what you’re saying and I agree. I actually do play playmoney when i’m not 100% focused now so it’s a very good idea that you’re mentioning there! You kind of saying exactly what i meant to say but not quite got throught except for the question i said! the question isn’t so much “why do we do it when we know better?” it’s more why don’t we consider the consequenses more before we do anything? And if we allow us to feel boredom why don’t we wait until we feel like a winner?

    Got a question for you: Do you actually feel ahead you’re gonna be bored when you go to the casino or do you feel hmmm ok i’m bored now but it’ll change when i get there and get in action?

    I can sometimes feel eager to win and when i do get at the table somehow I can be bored and I run i.e solitaire at the same time and it’s stupid. That seems to me that i’m not in that real mood without disturbances so don’t do it would be the proper action in my book!

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