Biggest payout

wow both mentally and financially this week I made last night when I won the sitngo at Vegas. I started my goal on making 200% profit in a year with $25 and now made a profit of close to $15 in 4 days! Should have been more but I made a big mistake entering a $6 sitngo in wich I bubbled out. So I took yet another decision not to try and push but take small steps. Better to win small than loose big!

Another disciplinary decision I took yesterday was not to get involved in more than 2-3 games per day and if I won one not to get involved in another one that day regardless if it’s the first that day, limiting it to just one! I think that’s a great rule prohibiting me from getting me overconfidant and arrogant! Believe I need time to analyze how I played to win in order to get better, rememberance of the strategy and mental state i were in that moment! (staying hungry so to speak)

 Sat in skype with Blagger, Pinkdog, Lippy and Svcmgr who constantly nagged me with the phrases -What you’ve got Netty. -Easy laydown don’t ya think?,  -Push it! And last but not least -She wount tell her hand easily!  😛 No it’s not easy talking about what hand you’ve got and how you think on how to play it! I’m a real newbie in that area but it felt really good and comforting hearing them discuss my hands and how they would play them at the same time they played their own $3 rebuy tournament discussing their own hands!

Staying with the strategy and discipline not to act before certain time have gone giving me time to consider and reconsider the hand and position is a big payoff.

At the end of the sitngo I had some real luck with the trips and catching pocket rockets exactly when needed with the result that the tournament ended in pretty quick time (and caught a real bluffer who tried to defend his own BB with 10 4 off against my pocket rockets on my SB. I only called and he went allin. Easiest call I’ve ever made!)

I’m going to play tonights leaguegames but i’m not to keen on heads-up tournaments but if it comes down to be as last week a 6-seater then woohoo so much better!

The $3 rebuy last night gave me a big giggle. Don’t remember how many entered but it was way over 800 I think. BUT 1872 rebuys? rofl

And I’m curious on how the boys did in it?

So until next time buhbye


5 Responses to “Biggest payout”

  1. svcmgr Says:

    You did a great job last night Net. I was proud of you. Considering all of the “coaching” from the others watching. It would have drove me crazy. lol
    You played a well disciplined, confident game.
    Lippy did the best in the 9K tourny. I think he made it somewhere in the 80’s for a placement. The thing I liked about that was that none of us rebought. 1872 re-buys and Lippy made it very high in the Tourny. GREAT JOB.
    I got second in a 3 table $2 sng. Dog made money in a Omaha H/L Pot limit sng. (He loves that game).
    I then bowed out and left Lippy with his bottle of Tequia and Dog making funny gurgling noises every now and then. I wonder if either of them will remember what
    Anyway, Great job Net!

  2. PinkDog Says:

    Congrats on the Win Netty, you played a solid game and caught a couple of hands at just the right time. Had you not played disciplined poker, you never would had lasted long enough to see those winning cards. Smart Poker Indeed.
    As for the nagging, um, I mean coaching, we had 5 people in the conference and with that many voices, (not to mention background noises), it does become more of a party than a poker session. I recommend no more than 3 people, 1 player and 2 coaches (naggers), to gain the most knowledge from the game played.
    I’ll try to be around as much as I can to offer a dogs opinion cause I’m not going to be playing much poker for the next couple days. Seems poker as become a reason to party instead of a competition and that can be disastrous to my bankroll.
    Stick to your guns, (strategy and discipline), and you’ll continue to improve and grow your poke (bankroll).
    See Ya on the Felt

  3. netsson Says:

    Yes I agree to the numbers of people if to be coached but and I do have to say but: It was no disturbance. I felt assured by the numbers of people and I got that strong hands so the need of coaching took a backstep and the cheering where put in front! Need those moments too!

    And sometimes you really need to just have all your friends around you to sparkle and become a winner!

    Good descision you’ve made to take a step back and find the hunger for winnings instead of just play for the party of it! I do regret opening my door last night to some extent it really made me play badly!

  4. yznen Says:

    Good site!!!

  5. netsson Says:

    thanks yznen!

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