I broke my own rules

Last night. Oh boy where do I start? Hmmmm? yeah ok! first of all!

  • The rule of no disturbance: had a few friends over at the same time as the leaguegames, telephone ringing, the tv on oboy full volume (MTV), a few (not so few) beers and on top of that dropped a full cup of coffee (mixed with some kind of highpercentage beverage) over my new, all-sparkling-white bedspread (Yes a new rule not to play when in bed came right up this morning)
  • The rule of discipline: OK even I have a hard time being disciplined and focused when all above occur at the same time as someone gets the idea wooow everyone tries to tickle Netty or yells -Pillowfight! (yes there were some who falls under the category childish here!)
  • Don’t do it: Well the points above tells it all and I shouldn’t have! The only excuse I do have is that I registered for the tournaments and where fully prepared to focus and be disciplined before all came tumbling in through my door!

I manage to throw them out just before the last leaguegame and then tried to straighten myself in a $2 MTT and when I registered about 40 minutes before start it was only 36 entries and to my surprise when i started almost 300-400 had entered! I should have unreg for it due to me not been focused enough for this and I really played bad! I wasn’t unlucky (not gonna blame luck ever again) simply wasn’t patient, focused nor disciplined!

It wasn’t until Pinkdog asked if I could take over his game in the 2-table MTT sitngo I manage to straighten my focus and I did the right choises and moves but it wasn’t enough simple as that, caught some real bad hands when needed stronger and ended 6th! Our very good friend Svcmgr won this tournament and he did everything right, used his stack, his position as way-big chipleader (around 12000 aginst their 3 to 4000), scaring the others out of the pots (i’ll bet they felt intimidated and they should, I would!)

It was pure pleasure to witness that game, I really enjoyed it!


2 Responses to “I broke my own rules”

  1. svcmgr Says:

    Thanks for the good words Net.
    And thanks for puling me in once in a while when my confidence crossed the line into arrogance.
    I have to tell you. Up until this weekend, my game was struggling. My confidence was low, my bankroll was low enough to cause it to effect my game a little, etc.
    I finally had a game where I felt “comfortable”. The cards were co-operating, I didn’t have too many mental lapses, and I actually used my stack a little more than usual because I am learning from the great friends and good players around me.
    Thanks to everyone. I am pretty impressed with your game Net. Keep up the good work.

  2. netsson Says:

    Rofl Only thing i really did was yell at ya -lay it down! -I wouldn’t do it! and/or -Bide your time, let them battle out each other! ‘You’ve got the stack now just sit back and enjoy!

    Got you to stop and reconsider one more time so to speak and it’s great having someone doing that!

    But it’s more easy to stand beside and do the right moves than it is sitting there with the hands!

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