Sorrow in my heart

That the league is to be ended! I really do understand why and sympathize with what you’re saying there Rich but my biggest fear is to be forgotten by my friends who I found here, my family of pokerplayers whom I grew to love so much!

Oh man that’s not good news!


4 Responses to “Sorrow in my heart”

  1. Rich Says:

    Well Nets, the league was designed to show strength and to prove to people we are a force to reckoned with, its like having an army of thousands but only to turn up on the beach with a few people by your side, this is not a show of strength its is seen as weakness.
    It then becomes impossible to convince people to play with a group who pretend to be something they are not.
    As for friends we have all made we can still continue to chat via the chat room and the Blog’s, as well as the forum.
    Some may decide to start there won league this would not surprise me in the slightest.

    Turnout and numbers is what poker sites work on and we just can’t deliver so it’s best to call it a day. We still have games to run until April and any deals I have set up will go by the wayside I guess but that’s life and as we all know that’s poker.

  2. PinkDog Says:

    Don’t worry about losing touch, the core group we have will be around for a long time if I can help it.

  3. dagopher Says:

    You don’t think you can get rid of us that easy do you Netty?? 😉

    I’m going nowhere!. I’ve got everyone skype details and there’s still the chatroom, and of course the forum is still going to be there. So no need to worry!

  4. netsson Says:

    thanks guys love you too! 😀

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