When I started to blog

I thought i’d only have material for a monthly, weekly or tops tvice per week but it looks more like a daily now!

Today i’m keeping myself from playing poker, not really up to it and then I shouldn’t and I have to get up real early tomorrow for work! Have to mentor 3 new coworkers tomorrow who will be sitting around me listening and learning how to! OK what i do for a living have a lot of similaryties to poker actually cause you don’t sell the product (doesn’t matter what it is) you play the other person at the other end of the line! Phsycology! So I do have a great opportunity to look for and study signs and tells in the opponent! (I call them opponents and/or players, oboy am I competitive! rofl I wonder what dr Freud would think?) The only differences between my work and poker are I don’t get cards and I can’t see the other players wich makes it even more fun to try to pick up the tells or signs! Have to listen hard and now I mean really listen to the pitch in voice, how they respond and not so much to what they present to me and say! Have to learn how to trust instincts and gutfeeling!

So it’s not just at the pokertable you learn how to become a successful winner at poker, it’s everywhere in everyday life! I find myself to be amused by trying to find situations where I can relate to poker and practice! (How fanatic can a person be actually?)

What I do for a living? I book salesmeeting between my group of salesreps and companies! And who are my opponents? CEOs and marketmanagers at some very large and  awesome companies, could be scary if you allow yourself to be intimidated!

This is a little bit of me and how I do to build up my mentally stage to win in poker in an easy way! In both situations I do bring home a bigger pot than if I do a flat call or fold believing them on what they say

Until next time buhbye


5 Responses to “When I started to blog”

  1. dagopher Says:

    Now, that’s a poker nut talking if ever there has been. Unfortunately, I can’t relate my job to poker whatsoever. I’m not going into the details of what I do (it would just bore everyone – including me!!)

    Enjoy your day off from poker, and I’ll see you at the tables soon!

  2. magpot Says:

    you can relate poker to life you have bad days and good days and i can see you doing it in your job net being agrressive and i dont think you can be itimidated at all much success in your endeavours such as job and poker and life in general your a good person and thoughtful mags

  3. netsson Says:

    Oboy! I get so much warmth and kind words from all of you!

    You really make me feel special! I humbly thank you!

    Gofer: now you made me curious…… Geeee? What does he do?…. don’t make me come over and spy on you….. Geeeeee! Arrrrrrrgh!…. hmmmmm?

    Anyone know what gofer do for a living? You can whisper I woun’t tell!

  4. dagopher Says:

    I make things Netty! LOL

    OK, I’ll show you what I make… you just might be impressed!


    Oh, and when I say make…. I literally mean I make them!!!

  5. netsson Says:

    Gofer Wow! I mean it Being the gadgetfanatic that i am i only can say wow!

    You got to keep me posted on the progress in that area!

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