Last night!

I did play 3 tournaments! First I found the good Kbvital (member of the league) in skype and we agreed on playing a sitngo at Vegas, unfortunately the table we or me thought of playing he didn’t find before it started and therefor I played it alone! We did agree on a small omaha h/l $0.60 buyin and we found a table that started about 10 min later so I did 2 omaha sitngo at the same time. Nothing I usually do because I do wanna focus on one at the time!

 Game no 1 I really did good at and won. Oboy could for once totally dominate the table and I had it under control, bullying and scaring the others out of the pot! Felt pretty nice to have gotten that respect from hand no one wich I really hitted off and knocked out 2 in one single stroke! got Hi and no lo wich the other 2 chased!

Game no 2 Hmmmm did pretty OK there and got third so I did the money in both in total of aprox $3.30 (Not much but still better win small than loose big)

Game no 3 Oboy shorthanded nlholdem $3 buyin leaguegame!!! And I say noooooo did not good there at all came in 11th! Had some pretty awful hands and blinds ate my stack!

Every time I did get something that was somewhat playable I was either out of position or raised but that’s poker and I shouldn’t complain at all. Did breake even  when i comes down to monetary questions and it could have been worse. I could have lost money!

Questions and myths about swedes

  1. Yes we do run around in cloggers (although if the dutch or scandinavians invented them i don’t know?)
  2. No we’re not the one famous on chocolate (that’s switzerland, the alps)
  3. yes we do jump like frogs on midsummerseve, singing hyms to them
  4. Yes It happens we fall asleep drunk under a table at midsummerseve (and on other occasions too)
  5. Yep fistfights do occur on numerous occasions during these festivities!
  6. Oooh and we do sing a hymn dedicated to a preachers crow and how he/she/it can’t stay on the road and slides down a ditch on this festive night (Oboy how stupid is that?)
  7. yep some do run around in the woods drunk as hell (Either believing they seen a nymph or believing they are one)
  8. Some do actually believe they’ve seen “the evil spirit of the water” sitting there naked playing his violin or they try to scare children with it! (or maybe not so much anymore but they used to)
  9. Nope not every girl here’s a pornstar, sinful as hell (that i think belong to the 60s)
  10. Nope we don’t have polarbears running loose in the streets (although we do feel like polarbears during the winter sometimes)
  11. No no no not everyone’s driving Volvo
  12. No I don’t know in person the members of ABBA nor am I related to Henke Larsson (don’t know why ppl ask me that?)
  13. yes we do eat fermented baltic herring, at least up in northern region (the southern region can’t stand this and turn up one’s nose at that fact)
  14. yes up in the northern region we do have more fun waiting on to get into the nightclub than we actually do have inside the nightclub (sometimes)
  15. No Not everyone’s homedistilling booooooze, although some of us do wanna!
  16. No old Viking-way of living exist here anymore hence no more hijacking women, looting other kingdoms nor burning villages!
  17. Not every girl are blonde with blue eyes!

So now you learned some bit about us swedes in general hope you still like us anyway! 😀

Now i’m gonna find me a nice pokertable and win me some money so until next time buh-bye


7 Responses to “Last night!”

  1. svcmgr Says:

    Thanks for the education on Swede’s. Sounds like the midsummerseve is the time to be there.
    Its funny, I was going to play last night too. I got all the way to the “click and take your seat” button and I stopped.
    I realized I wasn’t really into playing, I was just bored.
    So, I asked myself, are you doing this to win and the answer was no.
    I never clicked the button.

  2. netsson Says:

    WTG on sticking to your discipline there!

    I on the other hand was so filled with adreanline yesterday from the first hand! And so I am now too just won another sitngo omaha h/l! hd to struggle a bit more this time but i stuck with my strategy and it paid off!

    And yep midsummerseve is the time to be here! The whole country goes total bezerk and and into some sort of caveman/viking-stage were there seems to be nooooo tomorrow! Everyones making a fool of themselves and it doesn’t matter! Besides that the sun never sets so it’s daylight all night long!

  3. svcmgr Says:

    Really, no nightime? Wow, sounds like fun.
    You know the old saying “you can’t drink all day unless you start in the morning”.
    By “midsummerseve” am I correct in assuming it is around July or August?

    We have the same type of thing here in Wisconsin. Everyone gets drunk, crazy, and silly.
    We call it Saturday….lol

  4. netsson Says:

    Midsummerseve here we have around June 21, you call it summer….hm hm something… equinox, You know the time in the middle of the year when the night are at it’s shortest point and up to that point the days get longer but now it’s turning. This night I think at least over here the sun have no time to set completely you can see the turningpoint in the horizon!

    Imaging you see sunset and sunrise at the same time! That’s what we’re supposible celebrating! (Oboy ancient-tribal-manners Rofl)

    But on the other hand we do have that day in the winter that are the opposite! the sun’s up for about 2-3 hours and never reaches it’s highest point. (We surprise surprise aren’t celebrating this day nor mourn it either, kind of indifferent, resigned state of mind, maybe we’ve gone into hybernation-stadium just to put up with this crap called winter)

    And yeah to that old saying! That’s exactly what we’re doing here. and we do have that saying it’s not tomorrow until i’ve gone to bed and slept. Rofl So if we’re up having a party on June 21 it’s not June 22 until we stopped and had our beautysleep! Unfortunately these days the age taking it’s toll on my body and can’t party like there’s no tomorrow for a week straight anymore!

    Yeah we do have them saturdays too and in addition to midsummerseve we have:

    1. little-saturdays (what we call wednesdays- PARTY! Half week’s gone now)

    2. Lucia (15th of december we celebrate an italian saint, a lady who we say comes with light in our darkness in the middle of winter. We (well mostly women, children and teenagers allthou teenage boys nor the children don’t have the candle-lit crown on their heads instead they’ve got a paper-cone with some glued on stars on it)put on a white gown, tie a red ribbon round our waists, put a candle-lit crown on our heads and sing songs at 5 am in the morning and after work we get drunk and fall asleep in a snowy ditch! At least it were like that when we were younger, And this is the holiday when a lot of women do get shorthaired without going to the salong)

    3. spring-equinox We light fires all over the country, gather around and sings hymn to welcome the spring! (Another reason to party, get drunk and fall asleep in a ditch)

    4. lobsterweekend (Put on them stupid hats, fight the mosquitos and sing sing sing them schnaps-songs

    5. fermented-baltic-herring-weekend (same as lobster but no mosquitos due to how this food smells you even scare them away and noooo stupid hats, this is serious business eating this but it has to go down with the traditionally schnaps, good reason to sing anyway to get that schnaps)

    6. not to forget cottage-last-weekend (boy what a stupid name but last weekend at the year when cleaning out our cabins/cottages, Have to party that time too, to boring to clean and no visiting our cottages for a while so this is more of a mourning than party)

    7. Then there are some local celebrations that aren’t applied to the whole country of course like the “Big-lake-festival” up north so in general there is aprox one to three festivals, holidays or reasons for partying here per month if you don’t mind travel around the whole country but then again it only takes you some 18-24 hours to go from south to north of sweden by car.

    and all them common holidays you have too. the funny part is that our nationalday have never been a holiday and are not celebrated here in that way. Been an ordinary workingday but otherwise we and the finnish people are pretty good in inventing reasons for celebrating! (And if there’s no reason to be found we do party anyway)

    So if you’re up for any of these festivities then i think you should save up for an exotic weekend with strange customs and gorgeous, beautiful naturesceneries and come over here!

  5. gopher Says:

    Have to say, the fermented-baltic-herring-weekend doesn’t sound to appealing – well the eating part anyway. If I can just have a ‘liquid’ meal of shnapps that would do me 🙂

    And I have to say, I’m still disappointed you are no relation to Henke Larsson! 😦 One of my idols! (and for those unsure who he is, he’s commonly known as Henrik – football player extrordinaire!

  6. Svcmgr Says:

    I am with Gopher. I don’t think I would save up for the fermented-baltic-herring weekend.
    The midsummerseve or the lobster thing sounds pretty fun.
    To be quite honest, I don’t know a lot about your country. You got any pics or a web site of where you live?

  7. netsson Says:

    Hey gofer disappointed? Ooooooo you were hoping on some kind of introduction there Rofl

    Oh you’ve got to try the fish. It’s yum-yum-yum! (And so’s the schnaps)

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