Omaha h/l PL strategies

OK! So I missed a blogentry yesterday! Gonna make up for it thou! My computer broke down so I had to set up the old one and that took me almost a whole evening after work

Now to poker! 

The absolute favourite game of mine is the omaha h/l potlimit and now i’m gonna share some of my strategies of this game!

Love it for a number of reasons but mainly because it’s a game wich makes it mandatory to consider and reconsider your hands numerous times and it suits my style of playing poker. I tend to get myself involved in less hands and consider the position even more than in holdem. It’s more like playing pl holdem with 6 hands at the same time and that’s challenging! And it’s less rewarding to chase with mediocre hands or raise with pocket pairs preflop! You have to valuate and revaluate your hands if it’s worth it to even make a call! Me for one never get involved in a hand if I don’t have at least 12 or more outs because it’s not worth it! Unless up against 1 or 2 players only but as in the games now more often 5-7 players chasing or limping and catching so in my book is better to just wait and let them battle!

So what is a good starting hand in omaha? Well and now i really belive that there’s gonna be some arguments against what i think and that i really do welcome so please! But my favouritehand contains 2 suits and are ace, ace, king, 2 there you’ve got about 29 outs to begin with if my headcounts is correct!

But more often you see players chase all the way to the river with 2 3 q 9 rainbow or even 5 6 7 8 rainbow without even thinking that any hand wich contains 2 suits are more to likely win hi and a hand with ace 2 or ace 3 to win lo unless an ace or ace 4 hits the board! So if you count the odds of that happen makes it not worth anything more than maybe a flat call and the fold on the flop if nothing hits!

More important with those mediocre hand is the position! If you are under the gun i.e. then you have absolutly no information on what the others have! Why then get involved in the hand with that few outs?    

Some i’ve been talking to says that their favouritehands are among others 7, 8, 9, 10 becuase the straight seems to hit more often but according to what i’ve seen flushes seems actually be hitting more often than straights in omaha and it’s more likely you win with a low flush than with a high straight

I can say that with this strategy and discipline I now the past week won 6 out of 12 tournaments, came in second in 2 and third in 2 and for example in the one i played last night only played (I counted) 3 hands that not were my bb until we came down to 4 players! That is quite good result in my book making it only 2 were I bubbled out! So I actually made more money just by following a principle! That’s easy money

Patience and discipline do pay-off more often in omaha due to the fact that people that chases get knocked out more quickly! So in that retrospect i think omaha is more like live nlholdem.

(Play less = pays more is my motto in omaha h/l)

And now i’m going to hit a table but this topic will continue!

See ya soon and Buh-bye!


4 Responses to “Omaha h/l PL strategies”

  1. svcmgr Says:

    Here is what I think. I think you have an understanding of the game most people don’t have. Now, I think this could be both a help and a hinderance.
    On the help side – you will probably win a lot of hands you play because of your understanding of the game, Also, in the long run, you will most likely be profitable.
    On the hinderance side – since, IMO, most people do not have the understanding of the game you do, even though you are playing better than them, you should be prepared to get sucked out a little more often than normal. Of course, in the long run, you will be farther ahead but in the day to day “battles” you will need to recognize this and not let it get to you.
    Nice stuff.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. dagopher Says:

    Hoorah! Some omaha hi/lo strategy!

    I need as much help as possible with Omaha hi/lo. I only ever win these games when drunk, so I don’t know if I’m just getting lucky or I actaully DO play better when drunk! 🙂

    One question I must ask though and it’s to do with starting hands. I know that you wait for decent hands, but do you play more hands aimed to win the high side of the pot; the low side or only hands that have a good chance of taking down the high and low pots?

    The reason I ask is that I’ve read that in Omaha hi/lo, you should mainly be aiming for the high pot with your starting hands as you will not always have an available low hand once the community cards have been dealt.

  3. netsson Says:

    You’re right about the hinderance and that’s exactly my point! I do lean back a lot to get the suckouts out of the game before me and since I don’t get involved in the pot a lot in the beginning I can afford it. My stack doesn’t get beat so much!

    When you’re down to 1-3 player at the table then there are more easy to use the strategy of betting out others both pre and after flop!

    You have had plenty of time to study and learn how the others play and their strategies, to gather the vital information wich 9 out of 10 to my gaining don’t do! that’s the strongest card you’ll ever hold! You do have the time to study them in detail and write it down for the future!

  4. netsson Says:

    Gopher: My best strategy when it comes down to starting hand is to aim for the hi ’cause it’s less likely to be a split-pot! I only go for lo when I have the opportunity to I’m not striving for it! You have so to speak three categories of startinghands 1) Best choice: both hi and lo, 2) only hi and 3) only lo! If you categorize it by that then you’re less likely to get involved in pots chasing some unlikely-to-win-hand!

    When I started to play omaha h/l I never ever played a hand if I didn’t have at least an ace 2 k in it! And that is a pretty good rule when you’re trying to understand this game! But when you’re in a pot try to first guess if your opponent are betting for the hi or lo and change your strategy after that and be more aware of your position!

    Now i’m only play category 1 and 2 if i’m not heavily shortstacked and i reckon the opponent’s going for hi! Otherwise I fold! And I pretty much never ever limp in the game if not on bb or in position with a deceant hand!

    Preflop-raises is something that selldom pays off if you’re not sitting on the absolut strongest hand I described earlier and there’s 3 or more players at the table. Otherwise down to 3 players or headsup the preflopraises are a strong weapon to use!

    Be aware of if there is a preflopraise before you, that person probably’s sitting on pocket aces, kings and a damn good lo hand. If you haven’t marked him as a monkey trying to steal the blinds.

    I selldom call a preflopraise it simply ain’t worth the chase! (you can count my preflopraise-calling on one hand) I bide my time and grind them down instead!

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