Whooopsie another post

Simply have to do another one!

 OK bring your calculators now and try to calculate this:

What are the odds of hitting 2 quads in one sitngo 5-seater-session?

That happened to me today! Entered a 2.50 sitngo and pretty early in the game i got pocket 6s, got the gutfeeling (you know everythings feeling great and you simply know in advance you’re gonna win this) and raised the pot 10xbb and got 2 callers, bb was 60 and we had 1000 startingchips! The flop came and it was ace, 6 king! I thought if anyone was sitting on pocketaces or kings they would have raised me allin preflop already so i I kind of slowplayed my trips with a low bet 100! they called and turn came. A 6! wow! I got quad 6s! slowplaying again checked and got betted allin Since I slowplayed it pretending to be scared of the ace and king they got hooked on the bait! Whoooopsie 2 players out and not a word nor nice hand or anything! The other came when I was heads up with my 3800 chips aginst his 1200! My bb and pocket 3s. Got that gutfeeling again and listen to it! I was heads-up to a guy who used the allinbutton every second hand just to get to the blinds from the first hand! Ooh I guessed right he went allin and  I called! He had q j! All of a sudden the board showed k, 9, 3, 5, 3!

woooohooooo I won the sitngo $10!

OK this wasn’t at Vegas but on a swedish site in wich I’ve had problems catching a deceant hand the past 3 month!

So now is the question: Have I used up all my luck or should I buy a lottery-ticket, enter a high-stakes-poker tour or what?


One Response to “Whooopsie another post”

  1. svcmgr Says:

    The so called “experts” say to keep playing when winning so I would keep playing.
    Good job!

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