Have you ever sat down at a table and immediately after watching the other how they play got the feeling wich 2 end up heads-up? That happened to me today at the sitngo!

Got into a $2.50 5-seater nlholdem! Spent the first couple of hands just evaluating the others, looking for tells, signs and info about them and got struck by this feeling “that’s the guy i’m gonna be up against headsup!” That feeling got me to feel comfortable in my game and mind so i could focus on grinding the others down, stealing their blinds and simply outplay them! This guy played a real solid game through-out the whole tournament and weren’t involved in that many hands!

I simply got out of his way not letting me get involved in hands where he was down to 3 players left and stacked pretty much through focusing on getting the others out of competition! You can say it was 2 solid tight aggressive players against 1 fish monkey and after we kicked him out we played the headsup for over 45 minutes, just trying each other out, watching for signs, openings and weak spots! I must say this was one of the most fun sitngos i’ve ever played!

Then I realized a big difference i our game and that one was to my huge advantage! He played the cards more than me, I phsycologically played him more than my cards and that was why I won this game!

Boy what a confidence-booster that realization was! It really didn’t matter what hand I got! In fresh memory was the phrase “Heads-up anything over 7 on your hand make them pay big to see” Pinkdog and Blagger constantly repeated that to me and see it got stuck in my mind! Thank you both of you!

Wow you really learn something new everyday don’t you!

Now I’m off to play the league game at Vegas and gosh i’m sure gonna try and implement that winner-feeling in this game i’ve got from that sitngo!


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