My goals

OK now 2 weeks have gone since i stated my goals and i thought i’m gonna update you a little about the progress! I started out with $25 at Vegas, $25 at a swedish site and $10 on inningame! That total of $60 now have increased to $40 at Vegas and $60 at the swedish site! I’m gonna tell you a little more about the innigame later! so in total i have in 2 weeks made $40 profit by standing behind my rules, principles and strategy!

The Innigame is a site who put up a tournament to pick out sweden top 5 women-players and we had to put in $10 and they would see who could increase that sum best! But due some rules that state you deposit in euro and play with dollars along with you can’t play if you havent’ more than 5 euro in your account (that’s about 6-7 dollars) then it’s impossible to play even if they do have $1 buyins so they scrapped the tournaments and made it to be invites (they picked 50 ladies of 150) to 4 $3 buyin satellites and a 5th final where top 3 in each satellite goes to that 5th final! top 5 in the finals go directly to the sweden ladies team and get to travel and represent both sweden and innigame in different tournaments over the world! So i haven’t played so much at innigame yet. Waiting for the 1st satellite to begin on march 29 Est 13.00!

Wish me luck in that!


7 Responses to “My goals”

  1. PinkDog Says:

    Excellent results so far Nette, stay disciplined with the buyin amounts until you have a nice cushion to fall back on, if needed.

    I have downloaded innigame and I think I’ll be able to watch your games there but I can’t play real money there because I’m live in the “Land of the Free,” …. right.

    I would advise you to stay away from the tables the day before the satellites, just so you will be hungry and more focused, but that’s just my opinion. Also, if you have a pre-game routine, stick to it, but don’t get overly nervous, it’s only poker and your skills are well above average.

    What name do you use at inni?
    Good Luck Nette!!! I’ll try to be watching and I will definitely be cheering you on.

    See Ya on the Felt

  2. netsson Says:

    think it’s netsson, but i pm you on what table i’m at then!

    No i’m not gonna play the day before this game, that is one of my strategies. It’s to big for me to screw up by being unfocused and bored!

    I really really really wanna win it! And that is my biggest goal of them all so that’s what i’m focusing on at the moment reading up on and so!

  3. svcmgr Says:

    I would appreciate it if I could watch ya too Net. I like how you play and I think you have a good chance against anyone.

  4. Blagger Says:

    Yup.. stay focused and you’ll do well, I have no doubts on that. 🙂

  5. dagopher Says:

    What can I add netty? The other guys have basically covered it. Only thing I can say is either don’t think about those watching you – just concentrate and do your own thing. Failing that, I’m sure some of us will be around for a little skype time during your game if you need to chat or just plain moral support!

  6. svcmgr Says:

    If we do that, the Skype thing, maybe you should make us all mute our microphones…lol

  7. netsson Says:

    Thanks guys and yes I will probably need some morale support there and Gopher: sometimes only thing needed is the knowledge of someone watching to straighten up and focus better!
    Svcmgr: i will probably play on the old puter and have problems with runningskype at the same time at least with Vegas it ruins my graphics! gonna try and take day before off poker and fix my computer but i don’t know if i can!
    And i don’t know it i can make the sound work in the old one

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