About Cash-games

I have a question for you all? Is it so that you tend to play even more hands when you play a cash-game compared to when you play a sitngo?

I went into a cash omaha h/l 0,50/1 (Swedish currency almost as $0.1/0.20 table. (The currency is something in the region of $1 = 6 skr so bare with me when trying to exchange currency now but the skr is accurate)) PL and I started with 75 skr (about $12,50) I immediately started wondering and analyze how i acted there compared to when I start playing a sitngo, damn I discovered that I do play more hands when in the cashgame than other times and slowed down, restraining myself to play them golden opportunity cards I eventually got! And WHAM-BAM caught a 2 diamonds and K 3 clubs! Had been evalutating the others round the table and there where 2 there who acted as they definately got to much money and didn’t know what to spend it on and so this time too! One of them raised the pot 10xbb, me and 3 others called! the flop came 3 9 diamonds and 4 of clubs. OK i now had flush, str8-draw and a draw on low so I called the 10 bet and so did the other 3, turn came the bling-bling queen and this guy betted 10 again and the rest called wow, river came 8 of clubs. Phew my flush were there for me to just cash in and now he betted 40 so i went all-in with the rest of my 40 and they all called!

I almost for a second felt sorry for the guy when he flipped over K 7 of diamonds and I had him beat with my ace high flush! But only for afraction of a second

Now think this is a $0,10/0,20 table so the pot were very big, all in all 240 skr ($40) in that hand and I won both the high and low splitting the lo with another guy! Woohooo 120 skr (about $30 minus my own 10) profit in one hand! Needless to say i left the table right after this leaving that poor fishing monkey-guy with only $5 left

Now I’m up to $80 at this site and half the way of reaching my goal of 200% in one year and only in 2 weeks time!

See ya!


4 Responses to “About Cash-games”

  1. svcmgr Says:

    I don’t play cash games for that exact reason.
    For some reason, I get myself all worked up and my patience goes out the window. I don’t know why I do it, I just do. I am aware I do it so as soon as I figure out why and correct it, I stay aways from those tables.

    You, on the other hand, appear to have figured it out and adjusted.
    Great Job!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. netsson Says:

    Thanks hon

  3. netsson Says:

    I’m sorry for the short tone here but at the moment i’m feeling pretty miserable!

  4. dagopher Says:

    Cheer up Netty! Your in good profit!

    Cash games are a completely different beast to tournaments. For one thing, you are normally putting a bigger chunk of your own money on the table than you would pay to buy into a tourny. I think when you see how much cash you have at the table you instinctively want to see that rise quickly and will tend to play more marginal hands. You would rather make some quick cash then leave, so you take more risks.

    There is always more action at cash tables, which tends to tell you that others are also playing marginal hands (they can’t have good hands every time!!) and so you want to throw your hat into the mix.

    It can be dangerous, but I’ve found that when playing online cash games, I DO play very close to tournament play, but very slightly looser than normal.

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