Netsson’s very unhappy now!!!!

OK this is adressed at the stupid asshole who crashed into my car today and not notified either me nor the police!

I Have to move this weekend, are you gonna pay for the extra expenses i now am faced with due not to be able to use the car? You simply left me with all the cost of first repairing the car, renting another car while this one’s in the shop and the rent of the movers wich i would have been able to do myself!

Just wishing I get info on who you are! And when I do…….?

Not a very happy person at the moment!


5 Responses to “Netsson’s very unhappy now!!!!”

  1. katastrophy Says:

    Sorry to hear your car got wrecked..sure seems some people dont give a rats azz as to how they can really screw things up for others. I hope you find out who this is and nail them real good for their lack of decency to at least leave a note. Hope your day gets better Net…(((hugs)))

  2. dagopher Says:

    Ouch… nothing worse than a scumbag doing that. I’ve had it done to me before Netty, so I know how you feel. I hope you manage to trace this person and give them hell!

  3. zitlips Says:

    Cripes !!!! That does totally suck…go ahead and vent it out girl..

  4. svcmgr Says:

    Here is one of my favorite sayings, “Don’t get mad, get EVEN!”

    Happy hunting. I feel sorry for the poor SOB who did this to you…

  5. netsson Says:

    thanks guys it’s heartwarming to hear this from you.

    I was a total wreck last night, my employer didn’t want me to go home earlier and start fixing things! told me to take a 10 min walk to calm me down, oboy how would that calm me down after all that happened, this was as i felt it the final straw. So how can i be cheerful and pep others to do their best if i myself only wanna sit down and cry the whole time!

    And The problem with the car is none did see anything! Not even the police who have a station across the street and have been driving over all the glass all day long! None did notify me and that is scary when people stop, think and care about others. Got me wonder would it be the same if i would have been in the car and got hurt?

    On top of that i found out today that one of my friends “borrowed” my windows xp-disc to try and repair her boyfriends computer, and it exploded inside! So now i can’t repair my own! Geeeeez!

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