Keep on going

I keep going on with these sitngos, think they are great practice in keeping the discipline and strategies together with marking the other players and learning about signs and tells! You really have to put them all at the table under scrutiny! Follow your instincts about how they play, bet and on what!

But today I really watch the worst of the worst! Geeeee! This guy kept raising and reraising, got called! What he had on his hand when playing, raising and reraising off position? 10 3 offsuit and had nothing on the table! The other player who called sat on full boat! Couldn’t believe my eyes and wondered if he had to much money and didn’t know what to do with them? I mean why play poker with real cash if you’re not interested in play seriously and win? why not learn instead of goofing around at the table and allow yourself to become everyones ATM? I mean of course I AM (and the rest of them great pokerplayers are) real happy getting more money but it’s not fun to play against monkeys who aren’t serious!

 I want to highten myself, become a better player, get more skill and it’s no fun to play with anyone who woun’t put up a real fight were i can use my skill, experience and give me a thrill! Am i right or do you disagree with me? Do you think it’s fun playing when it’s simply too easy to knock them out? Or take their money? For me it’s not really about the money, it’s more the phsycologically mental training and thrill that get me going on with this game! To outsmart my fellow competitors at the table! The money I do win is more the icing on the cake that makes it more fun!

And today I so far made another $20 in 3 games, 2 firstplaces and one second is the result of this evening!

About betting

I do sometimes go into a pokersite and just watch some tables for a while just to see how people play and bet, not playing myself just watching and learning! My observations this far about betting! You know you’re sitting on the best hand pre and after the flop then why bet just the bb? 99% of all the players i’ve watched do so and get sucked out runner-runner! You really got them to pay dearly to see what you’ve got and the bb isn’t enough, it’s too cheap just calling! As Blagger repeatedly said to me if you can just check then bet not give the others free cards, use informationbets to see if the others just limp or if they do have something worth playing and be prepared to fold even a monsterhand! That IS a good rule to follow and just betting bb is not making a informationbet!

Don’t forget your position or keeping an eye on the others stacks!

Position, informationbets and keeping an eye on others stacks are some of the vital keys to become a successful pokerplayer along with discipline, knowing when to get involved in a hand and strategies! Learn how to use them + keeping notes on the other players and you win more money!

 Now of to find me another game!


4 Responses to “Keep on going”

  1. zitlips Says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOO…please put me on a table with an ATM….Pleeeeeeeeze!..
    If they have to learn the hard way then I want to be on the recieving end…lol

  2. PinkDog Says:

    Your putting it all together now, Nette, listen to the little voice in your head, you know , the one that sounds like me, you are getting there girl.

    Congrats on the good cash outs … keep em coming !!

    Cant wait til we play together …

    See Ya on the Felt

  3. dagopher Says:

    I agree with the Dog. You are thinking more about how others are playing the game than how you play yourself. Anyone can play their cards, but not everyone can play the player. You are a very proficient player Netty and your results have been getting even better since all the blogs (including your own) started up.

    Maybe, we should cut back a bit on the blogs. You seem to be learning too much! 🙂

    Only joking! I’ve learned so much since the blogs started, especially from writing my own – Its suprising just how much you learn just by thinking about, and puting into words, your thoughts on the game. A sort of poker strategy booster therapy! 🙂

    As for the instant ATM, I know where you are coming from. It is a bit distracting, but coming up against these players is good for you (and not just for taking their cash!) Playing these players will test your discipline and patience.

  4. netsson Says:

    Thanks guys you’re absolutely right!

    It is a cheallenge to your discipline and patience!

    The bloging do teach you how to think and to be disciplined especially for me who aren’t native english-lingvist, I do have to think more and harder on how to express my thoughts wich then makes me reconsider and question everything i do put in words! Not just how to pronounce and spell but even to what and if i’m right.

    The funny part is when i’m mad it all comes naturally! I do may cuss in swedish thou! 😀

    The thing with them ATM:s is that you spot them instantainly at the table and you do spot who you’re gonna meet HU and the route to that HU is the part that I sometimes do find boring!

    It’s like the difference between a holiday-trip and a commute-trip even if they end up at the same place! You do have more fun on the holiday-trip, you’re more relaxed and eager than on the commute where it more seems like work even if you are eager to take home and experience the finaldestination in the same way and joy!

    OK there i manage to tangle myself into a mess of thoughts

    Sometimes when I do try to analyze the others there are some at the table I go totaly blank, I simply can’t put them on being shark, fisk, monkey or anything! They just don’t tell me anything, it’s blank! We do have some of those in the league and noooo i’m not gonna tll who!

    They just don’t respond to anything you try to do to get info, how do you manage those players if you even do find yourself in that position?

    I’m talking about consistently, a couple of hands they seem like they aren’t doing anything but fishing and the next couple of hands they seem to sharpen up to next fishing again. The irradic players are the hardest to get a grip on, you never know where you have them!

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