Taking it to a new level!

OK last night I played 2 sitngos!

The first one was a $2.50 5 seater i recently grew found of and made a second place there winning $7.50 and then i by mistake entered a $5 5 seater wich i did win making me another $15, a total of another $22.50 went into my bankroll here! Wooooohoooo!  😀

I can only say Wow! I’m way over 100% profit now!

For sure now i’m gonna try these $5 sitngo more often but i’m sticking to my strategy and not playing them all the time but to alternate between the $2.50 and the $5

One thing about the last sitngo with higher buyin was that OK there were fishplaying but not to the same extent that in the lower buyin sitngo! Had to really stick to discipline and wait until i got the hands or could smell a bluff and defend my blinds!

OK to show you to what extent i folded and i counted, I simply weren’t in a single hand until the blinds had been chewing down my stack from 1000 chips down to 750!!!! The blinds started with 10/20 so you see the first 8-12 rounds i didn’t play one single hand. Waited paitently something around 40-50 hands with exception for check-and-fold my bb letting them battle each other out!

Then I caught the cowboys and I forced one all-in and another to call that bet, winning the hand and placed me as chipleader with 2250 chips and after that kept by carefully choose what hands to push with and what hands to fold!

From start until down to 3 you can count the hands i choosed to get involved in on one hand, not more than 5! THAT is my strongest tactical strategy and it still holds, no matter what! That is why i’ve made the over 100% in 2 weeks!

Even with crap on the hand defending my bb I did manage to raise-be reraised and reraise the others out of the pot after the flop. They did remember seeing me do that with the cowboys and with 4 5 offsuit and ace 2 5 on the flop I scared them away, one actually showed pocket rockets. I won the hand with a pair of 5s against his aces 😀

But i do have to say I did kind of get impressed by his folding of the pocket rockets, that he did have enough discipline to do that!


5 Responses to “Taking it to a new level!”

  1. Blagger Says:

    Well done Netty… WTG 🙂

    But before yah run off to higher stakes game yah might want to re-read Gophers blog about bankroll management.. lol

    Keep at ’em Netss.. and get yah PC fixed and get back in Skype!

  2. netsson Says:

    I’m not going to play them higher stakes except for a few times, being greedy here! I’m not comfortable there yet!

    But the funny part is that it happended by accident and i won it with the same strategy!

    Got even tighter in my game!

    And I do read gofers bankroll-blog I think more often than the rest of you 😛 I think it’s brilliant!

  3. svcmgr Says:

    “Got even tighter in my game!”
    The only thing I would mention is that you take a chance now and then so you don’t get labeled as a tight player.
    I can usually identify the “tight” player at the tables I am at and take advantage of them from time to time.
    So, throw in a wild one once in a while to keep em guessing.
    Great job!

  4. netsson Says:

    Svcmgr that’s what i did with the 4 5 off and he put me on the straight there folding the pocket rockets

    That felt sooooo sweet! 😀

  5. dagopher Says:

    If you are cashing regularly Netty, then you must be doing something right! Keep up the good work! And I can’t wait to hear you in skype when I’m around. I’d like to watch you in a game just to give opinions now and again.

    I’m glad you are reading the bankroll blog though. As you said, you entered that $5 by mistake but still had the strategy to take it down. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that you go for a higher buy-in now and again. Just make sure that if things start to go wrong and you start losing, that you drop back to the ‘comfort zone’ and don’t try to chase lost money. You know you can always build it back up in the ‘safe’ environment!

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