About bluffing!

Ok i wasn’t going to write a blog tonight due to me taking a trip but then i happened to read Svcmgr blog about bluffing or as he said it “he looked at his cards and wanted to take a piece of paper and glue QQ on his 7 2 to be able to imply and amplify his hand were strong” and as a response and answer to that post i simply had to write this one 

How to bluff with confidence is hard! But there are some real good advice out there!

Bluffs you use to Get attention, respect, take charge and control over the table, to plant disinformation and to obtain information about the other players

1 ) Pick out one tell that you wanna imply or use to amplify you have a strong hand and learn it by heart! this one is devastating to them being victims of your bluff! Works both online and live but have more effect live due to it’s more easy to show tells there of course. Then see to it you get caught using it with your strong hands a couple of times! After that You can use this tell when you wanna amplify your hand in many tournaments. People do remember these things, like pulling you ear when you get pocket aces or kings! But use it with caution, you don’t wanna get caught bluffing with it!

Of course you don’t use it when you do catch them high cards after showing once or tvice. No need for showing anyway if you don’t wanna get attention and respect like -Hey look I DO fold pocket rockets! That gives you the label strong player!

2 ) Using the quick move! Everyone down to you on bb checks you don’t hesitate! Push your hand like you hitted quads and really wanna show them all! This method need speed and no hesitation! Likewise you can use it in every position were you do have information on what the others might have!

3 ) Don’t be predictable  If your opponents do catch you bluffing in the same situations over and over then they more likely are going to call you

4 ) Do less bluffing in hi/lo games where you might split the pot! The chance of getting called by marginal-hands are higher if they see a chance of getting half the pot than nothing of the pot! Or in limit/potlimit where a call is cheap and the only thing you loose is the pot!

5 ) It’s easier to bluff on the lower blindstages than in the higher due to the false feeling of being pot-commited when paying a high blind than a low blind! Except for the Heads-up where the bluffing can be the difference between winning the tournament or just being second! Then it’s a necessary move!

6 ) Valuebets Do consider bluffing hands with no chance of winning and check marginalhands you actually have some percentage of odds to win

7 ) Use the failiure of your bluff as an advantage! OK so you got caught bluffing! At least now your opponents marks you as unpredictable and that in itself is a big advantage, see point 3!

8 ) Normally a bluff should be more successful from a late position but are in reality easier in an early as i.e UTG!

9 ) Hesitation can be interpreted as a tempted try to check-raise! Like you trying to imply you having a pocket pair and hitted trips on the flop! this is opposite the quick move! As you see you need to try and shift gear a lot and you win more pots!

10 ) My last point. If a player bets or raises he might bluff but if he just calls it’s less likely he does! That is a pretty good groundrule!

So my friends Happy Bluffing and see you later!



2 Responses to “About bluffing!”

  1. svcmgr Says:

    All great points about the bluff. Good information for those wanting to learn more about the game.
    Those of you who have watched me play know that I do bluff once in a while but not a lot.
    The situation has to be “just right” in my mind for me to do it.
    I will explain more about what I was talking about in the comments section of my blog based on yous and Blagz comments.
    Hope you have a good trip.
    See you soon.

  2. dagopher Says:

    Very good information there Netty!

    Its a part of my game that I have to work on to be honest. I bluff too much, although I have tightened up considerably, this year in particular.
    But there is always the odd game when the old ‘arrogance’ animal starts taking over. This is where I think I’m virtually unstoppable in my game and all the others will soon fall by the wayside. Its also the time where I usually get suckered in and end up losing a pile of chips!

    So, there is always room for improvement, and your tips guide there should help immensely! (as long as the arrogance animal doesn’t come calling again!)

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