Back again and been playing!

I got back from the trip yesterday and took a pokerfree evening. I’ve been playing while staying at the hotel and have to admit that it was a stupid move! I didn’t play to win, it was more of the feeling of needed something to do at nights when sitting at the hotelroom and it was to early to get sleep! Despite better judgement i knew it’s stupid to take a step from the discipline even if i didn’t loose much money I still lost it. And not to better players who really earned my money. Actually i feel i rather could have step out into the street and handed my money over to just anyone!

But today i entered both ladies game HU nlholdem, a omaha h/l sitngo at vegas and a $2.50 nlholdem at the swedish site! And i did put up a fight so even if i lost out in ladies game i’m proud of my performance there! the omaha h/l i didn’t focus as much as i should have and ended up at a 6th place but the nl holdem i really played a focused game and i caught the second place and regained some of my lost money!

Svcmgr talked about goals in his blog and i feel do have to emphasize the importance of putting up goals, even if you put up small or big goals with some stages in them it’s important to take notes about them to clarify and to make you really focus on what you want and how to get there! I doesn’t really matter if the goals are about your pokergames or in daily life put up goals! I never do anything without planning and puting the goals on paper to get me focused on the task ahead!

I did read a book on how to put up goals and it said something that stuck with me!

focus on something you really want for example a new car. Imagine yourself stepping into that new car on a stage, feel  the proud and joy of getting that car infront of thousands of people who are watching you at that stage getting your car, then try to feel how that new car smells and feels like when you sit in it! That is how you’re supposed to focus even sitting at an online-pokertable or anything you want to!


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