About speed-tournaments

Netsson entered a super-extra-speed-mtt-tournament today and oboy how I regret that! So I here and now promise to never ever enter one again! They totally suck! I mean 310 registered, 10 seater and the blinds increase every 5 min? It’s bingo-allin-frenzy from start to finnish to even get a chance to stay in the game! No brain no skill and no fun at all! It really brings out the bad monkey play in everyone at the table and apt people to go allin off-position with every hand that at least have one card over 6! Tonight I saw allin with k 5, ace 5, ace 4 among other and all offsuit, off-position without hesitation, even 6 8 off got rewarded!

So now i here do solemny swear to never ever again enter one mtt extra-speed-tournament so help me……..!!

But I did win the sitngo i entered just before so i did make a small profit anyway! Wooohooo!

By the way what’s with all the people that think it’s a good move to raise a pot preflop in potlimit omaha h/l? I simply don’t understand why? Can’t be to scare the limpers due to the fact it’s still cheap to call and the potential of loosing to a mediocre hand is high so please explain to me what’s the point of preflopraising in pl omaha h/l, if you are one that do this then enlighten me on why?

Until next time buh-bye!


10 Responses to “About speed-tournaments”

  1. svcmgr Says:

    Early in the tourny, anyone that pre-flop raises in Omaha H/L usually will earn a note of “not very expereinced” from me. To me it is a silly practice since you usually won’t get too many people out of the hand anyway. Even holding A A 2 K double suited can be beat on a flop.
    Now, later in the tourny, short stacks, tight players, etc. might be able to be pushed off a hand with a pre-flop raise but to me it should be carefully and rarely used.
    The funny thing is, when someone does it early in the tourny, it also gives you a pretty good indication of what the person is holding which provides YOU with more information than he has. Not a very smart practice.

  2. netsson Says:

    I agree, that’s exactly my point. Wish I could get some answers from those who do practice this habit of preflop-raises early in the omaha h/l tournaments!

  3. svcmgr Says:

    I don’t think you will get any because I really don’t think there is a valid reason for it. But, maybe someone will answer. I would like to hear it too!

  4. PinkDog Says:

    I doubt you will hear a word from people who raise pre-flop in Omaha H/L Nette. I just don’t think anyone will admit to raising on a regular basis in a drawing game like that. And if they do, I want to meet them at the tables. lol

    My tips are coming soon, then if players follow them, we’ll have some Real poker games for a change.

    See Ya on the Felt

  5. netsson Says:

    Guys I really think you’re right, i will never get an answer on that issue unless i can trigger some form of response at the table! Hmmm? Maybe i should ask there and then?

    Dog: Oboy! Oboy!Oboy! Can’t wait! Please hurry……… 😀

  6. zitlips Says:

    I think that probably 90% of the time it is by people who didnt see that the lobby scrolled when they were ckicking on a NL game, and didnt realize it until the game started..lol
    Now they are stuck in a game they have no idea how to play, or a small idea lacking skill and all they see is 4 cards with maybe a pair of pp jacks and think that is just wonderful, or maybe a 6,7,8,9, rainbow and think “wow, 4 card straight ” not knowing you can only use 2 cards and only 2 cards, so bingo bango they get lucky or bust out soon and say ” this game sucks”..etc. etc.
    Others are probably just trying to learn the game and discovering the NL tactics will get em boiled or what not to do.
    As far as asking them how they justify a pre- flop raise,….save your fingers. I’ve asked a hundred times and they NEVER answer.

  7. Blagger Says:

    Yet pro OMHL players will raise pre flop…

    I know they are playing against other players proficient enough in the game to know when to fold pre flop and that we are talking about players that play any 4 cards.

    I hardly play OMHL outside the forum games so can’t really talk about it, I would imagine it is similar to our forum games.. Where maybe 1 person in 10 actually has any kind of real grasp on the nuances and logistics of the game.

    Even as a novice at OMHL, when in a forum OMHL game I am constantly gobsmacked at many of the utter trash hands that are played through to the turn or river and actually end up winning the hand.

    It seems any 4 cards will do and any 2 NL hands in the hole will cause a person to call raise anything. This why I don’t like playing OMHL too much in the forum games, I can do the math I know when it is a good time to play or not, but when everyone plays anything most of the time, my mathmatically good hand gets busted out by mindless chasing.

    So as far as I can see, raising preflop is a good tactic against good players, and a dubious one against players that don’t know what a good, bad or marginal hand is, eg. most of the low buy-in games….

  8. Blagger Says:

    Oops “mathematically” rather..

  9. svcmgr Says:

    I agree Blagger. Pre-flop raising with other “experienced” players has much more effect than doing the same thing against ppl who don’t know.
    The same can also almost be said for NL. Monkeys will call anything even though you are “telegraphing” a big hand.
    I think one of the main points everyone misses about OMHL is that the object is to scoop the pot (take it all for those who don’t know).
    Those who look at their hands like 2 NL hands are not playing correctly, I think.
    Playing to split is not a very good way to play.
    I am sure we will learn more about this in Dog’s guest blog…lol

  10. dagopher Says:

    I’m savvy enough not to make a preflop raise in OMHL. As for playing some crappy hands….. guilty as charged Your Honour! 🙂 I don’t know why I can play the game quite well when drunk! I almost always play well when drunk. Its probably that I’m still sitting in the ‘lucky monkey tree’!

    I like the game, but can’t profess to being proficient. That’s why I can’t wait to see the Dogs musings!

    As for the speed tournies, I never do MTT games. You’re right…it is just a monketfest. I do on occasion play speed S&G games though. But these can be just as bad sometimes.

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