New funny habit

Netsson picked up a new very strange habit regarding poker!

As you all by now knows I enter these $2.50 5-seater nlholdem sitngo i usually do so well in but for the past 1.5 weeks i seem to not be able to hit shit in them! feeling distracted and not my ordinary disciplined myself playing them i angry at myself hit the cash-tables instead (stupid i know but i do get THE cards there) and now in the past 3 days i haven’t only won back every cent i lost the past 1.5 weeks in the sitngos i also have made a pretty good profit too! OK lets count….. i entered 2 sitngo per day that’s $5 per day times 7 days i’ve played! That makes a total of $30 i lost. Oooooooops!

Yesterday and today i accidentally met exactly the same guy both at the omaha h/l pl and 5 card draw cash-tables and he played so stupid both days i robbed him blind of a total of $50! Double-ooooooops!

So from now on i will look where he plays and sit down at the same table! Funny part is both days he cussed us all at the tables, we were dumb lucky, the tables were shitty and crap. It never occured for a second that it was his gaming-skill and experience that was shitty and crap 😀

Well hugs, buh-buy and  see ya later!


One Response to “New funny habit”

  1. dagopher Says:

    Sometimes the change of scenery works a treat. I know a few people who, if they aren’t doing well in one type of game, like a s&g then they move to cash tables for a while. Once the cash tables start to go downhill then they move back to S&gs or MTTs.

    Seems to work for them too!

    Nice work in not only claiming your losses back but jumping into profit too!

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