Been away for a week

OK i’ve been away for over a week in business. Had to travel to the other end of Sweden Gothenburg and work with a colleague! And Man how i love to fly! When the plane made it’s takeoff i laughed all the way up in the air! The flight back where even more fun due to the winds, it felt like the best rollercoaster in the world and the plane came down almost with a broadside and with one wing tilting downwards a bit! The pilot had to struggle real hard with the upwinds and i really felt alive! I’m a adrenaline-junky getting high from all things that can accelerate like cars, planes and some rollercoasters! Been racing gocarts and cars for some years now.

All the landing i was thinking oboy what can top this and came to the conclusion i got to buy me a dragster and drive it so now to my question how to pay for it! It is cheaper than buying a 747 and employing a flight-crew, be a regular on flights just for fun or buy a ticket on next spaceshuttle but still to expensive for me at the moment and my own gocart well wonder if it’s enough

Oboy how spoiled I feel having such a problem… well i’s not a problem but that flight were the most exciting thing i ever experienced

On to poker!

Yesterday evening I really tried to build up my patience in the first tournament a $2.50 limit holdem with 130 registered i went out as number 27 but after that flight i felt kind of bored with poker so after another $2.50 buyin sitngo wich i kind of threw away (yeah i know, i know my discipline went out the window) i decided to shut down the pokergames for a day!

It’s not a good feeling to just give away my hard earned money without a fight and i had a long, long discussion with myself over how stupid that was! Wonder what my neighbours think of me yelling and arguing with myself here! Well lesson learned!

Swedish poker ladies team event

i played the team event this thursday and got 5th! After being chipleader and second for the first hour and 45 min, playing solid and strategic we were down to 5 players! Chipleader had some 11000 and me 3500, I sat in position of the chipleader and should have done much better but my cards went totally cold when the blinds went up to 250/500 with an ante of 100!

That fact kind of ate my stack and when i was down to 1800 i felt i had to do something and went allin with the most deacent hand i have had for a long time 10 j of diamonds, up came 8d-qd-ace of hearts. I had straight, flush and straigh-flush draw but the 2 cards that came on turn and river totally demolished me and my chances when rag, rag came and none a diamond. Chipleader won with a pair of aces and i hit the pavement outside so hard my booootie hurts even today!

Hmmmm kind of disappointed because diamonds usually don’t let me down! But everything has to have a first time!

Well i have 4 more chances in this tournament and next time I WILL take this down!

Buh-bye to next time


One Response to “Been away for a week”

  1. gangbusters Says:

    Well heck…I guess diamonds are NOT always a girls best friend…gl in your next game Nettie Poo.

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