Last nights vip-tournament

OK I can’t enough tell you all what patience, confidence and to know it ain’t over until the fat lady sings (last hand is lost) means, i can give you a very nice example that happened last night!

I was really yo-yoing up and down the list last night and pushed allin with my pocket jacks and some 12000 chips (I know it sounds stupid but you never know with Ash and i had put him on pocket 8s or 9s for some reason) against Ashmaniac (fellow-member of PCS) and his some 10500 he showed me pocket queens. Oooops! At that point we were 23 left in the tournament and i suddenly found myself very lowstacked with 1600 left and last position.

Ok told myself it wasn’t over yet, breathe and start over fresh! Played solid, with patience and conviction that i was gonna make it back. The blinds were devastatingly high at that point so i had to push real hard and started to slowly move back again up the list! Came to some 4500 chips and caught ace jack. Pushed that hand allin since the BB came to be 500/1000 on Ashmaniac’s BB. He called and showed pocket 9s.

woohoo caught the ace on the river and was back in the game again up to 9000! šŸ˜€ I got lucky I know!

This mental strategy made me end up in third place and with a profit!

With this i wanna say to you if you play solid, with patience and real thoughtfulness, be disciplened you can turn a game wich at a point seems hard, negative and make you wanna give up!

Never ever give up! fight back!

And Ashmaniac you can try to “verbally abuse” me as much as you want, i can take it and it wount work šŸ˜€ In fact it makes me even more determined to win and that i enjoy, I love it!

(Your “verbal abuse” sounds more like a Putty-cat) šŸ˜›


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