Beginning to settle in

my old hometown were i grew up. The journey up was an adventure in itself wich began with a flat tire and a fully packed car! Had to unload in the middle of nowhere and put on the spare tire. At the shop buyin a new one they tried to put a new tire on a to small rim. They told me that there is nowhere to be found a rim that suits my car so i told them to put a new tire on the spare-rim instead cause the old one was broken. It took them 3 hours to do so but i got it cheap so i’m not complaining!

Tried to play one nlholdem sitngo yesterday and a 7 stud h/l sitngo today but it really didn’t work out well for me. I didn’t  find the right mood for it! Felt tired and not focused at all so i’m taking the night off poker and focusing on getting into it tomorrow!

See ya all soon


3 Responses to “Beginning to settle in”

  1. zitlips Says:

    Good grief nettie poo…what kind of a fly by night tire outfit was that? Three hours to fix…lollolololol

  2. Blagger Says:

    lol my thoughts too Lippy… 3 hours for a tyre change?

    Netty where are yooooo?

    Yah never come to chat in Skype anymore ;(

  3. netsson Says:

    Well first of all they were going to put new tire on the old rim but it was too rusty, then they put my new tire on a used rim but it was too small and the wheel didn’t move a bit, then they ran like panicking chicken around searching for a rim that suited my car but they didn’t find one, told me that my car have rims that aren’t made anymore (Volvo 745? Geeeee!) So i kind of lost my cooooool attitude and patience and kind of cussed at them (slightly………NOT i must add) and harshly told them to put the tire on my spare-rim (wich also is a size tooooo small but fits) And by then it had gone 3 hours and my whole package of luggage (3 computers, 3 screens, printers, suitcases of clothes and other stuff (non-mentionally) was scattered outside in the parkinglot, still 8 hours of driving from where i supposedly had to be 2 days earlier,

    And yeah i’m in skype every day, you missing the sub-sound there? ;D

    Ok bleep….bleep….bleep….bleep….bleep….bleep….bleep….bleep….!

    You feeling better now hon?

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