Pointed out something really good in gophers blog and got me to think really hard! He said that it’s good to go back and read some of your old posts and entries to analyze and pinpoint why or where the games isn’t going as you plan them to! I now know why i haven’t performed at my best lately! It is actually a simple answer to that and i’m not proud of it! It’s because i haven’t been really hungry and up for it with all the new stuff going on around me! I have missed this certain hehehe wich is a necessasity to do well in poker

Me who talked so much about patience and discipline aren’t following my own advices and rules! I’m ashamed!

I have entered games with the right intentions and reasons but after an hour been looking at the clock, feeling really stressed because i have to get up to work, haven’t prepared my work or thousands of other things flying around in my mind! And all i have felt then is oboy how do I end this game as quickly as possible….. oh geeee right intention-wrong timing can make anyone to be an easy target and loose money so this past week i have decided to not play anything but the sitngo challenge we have in the pokerchipsquad forum.

You really have to read blaggers blog about the Blasphemers name OMG still laughing so much my face and stomach hurts, I can’t even imaging where he gets all this from.

And all started with “Viking have never been afraid of trouble! On the contrary we seek out trouble and welcome it so…. Divide and Conquer is our motto

It kind of feels sooooooo nice to be an inspiration to people flirting


2 Responses to “Gopher”

  1. Blagger Says:

    Gopher is right Netty and so are you…

    It is all too easy to take ones’ eye off the ball.. It really does require a disciplined and focused approach, all the time every time, if you really expect to keep hitting the money.

    So yah liked the Gospel discoveries eh.. So we gonna see some old Nordic writings hitting the Netty Boop pages any time soon? Valhalla and Thor and all that stuff?..;)

  2. netsson Says:

    Well I have to see if I can translate the old Vikingscripts that have been found around the vikingcity Birka, As far as i can understand after reading a bit it’s about the famous Vikingking Halvar Redbeard and how the played some old game called påk’ar wich in english is translated to heavy large sticks or bats…

    Story continues in later blogpost!

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