It’s been a long time since i reported how i’m doing in my quest of building a big bankroll! The past 2 days i have played 4 games. One freeroll wich i placed second giving me $15, the ladies game where i struck out early, wasn’t concentrating due to be in the $1 buyin $1500 guaranteed rebuy/addon at vegas at the same time. Did better there and placed 10th of 424 bringing me another $18 in winnings. The 4th game i’m still a bit p***ed about. was in 13th with 64 left off 450 when my ISP decided i had played enough and knocked me offline for over an hour. When i got back online i was kicked out of the game at 27th!! Well i got payed $12 for that place but still i could have won more. So in total i used $8 in buyins and won a total $45 in these 4 games so i should be and are pleased.

And i am giving it a go tonight again, so wish me luck

OK about work, can anyone explain to me how a company can first of all tell me to start a new office where i have to move across the country, invite me to a big kickoff and then a week later tell me that they are gonna close my office down? That i have to first move, start the office and be fully operational and fully booked with clients in a month otherwise it’s not economically defendable. I believe it’s a complete economic waste and impossible to evaluate after this short period of time! I’m not prepared to give away my valuable time on such company that waste their resources in this manners!

Anyone wanna give me a better job?

Well think positive and optimistic life to short to spend complaining about small irritable things! OK i’m done complaining, eager and prepared to win big tonight so shuffle up and deal!


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