Sit’n go team challenge

Woohooo for my team The PokerVikings who won the sitngo team challenge!!


Congrats and a Big WTG Saturn, pinkdog and BigJock my honorable team-mates I give you all a standing Viking-salute here!


You did an awesome job guys






3 Responses to “Sit’n go team challenge”

  1. PinkDog Says:

    VIKINGS RULE !!!!!

    With the best Capt and the solid poker play from all our teammates we came out on top of a very talented group of poker players.

    Congrats to Capt. Nette, Saturn and Big Jock !!!!!

    You have won the bragging rights, don’t let that go unnoticed. LoL

    See Ya on the Felt

  2. saturn6022 Says:

    Thank You Netsson, you were a great Captain and we had an awesome team.

    Viking Rule!!!!!!!

  3. netsson Says:

    Oboy think we are gonna enter some team challenges just the four of us and see where it leads! You’re too kind guys we did it together!!!

    But i agree Woohoo VIKINGS RULE!!!!!

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