Recently i hit the wall!

The famous what’s-the-use-and-why-do-i-do-this-wall! I ended up registerring for tournaments and the fun was gone, just wanted to get out as soon as possible. But in my mind i thought oboy another 3 or 4 dollars spent i just have to get them back so the style were more get the money quickly than fun and that’s the worst possible strategy you can have when in onlinepoker tournaments!

So at the momenti have only played 3 tournaments in one week, 2 freerolls where i ended up as 13th and 35th of aprox 400 and one sitngo where i actually ended up secon! in these 3 games i did made money about $15 but lately i actually lost more than $25 in total and that’s not good at all!

I had to stop playing and now i have taken timeout for oooh i don’t know how long, i will play some freerolls this weekend and maybe one or two sitngoes over next 2 weeks but that’s it!

I have to find the joy ofthe game again! Otherwise i rather just throw away the money on the competition instead! Well it’s the same and i don’t wanna do that!


7 Responses to “Pokerfatigue”

  1. zitlips Says:

    Can’t say that I blame ya. It happens to all of us.
    Of late, I have played over 30 sng’s in the last 2 weeks and have not finished in the money at all. Some games 9 people but most were multi-sng’s.
    In 9 of those games, I have had only 1 or 2 hands that were barely limpable the entire game.
    As I write this, my pp Ks just got nailed by a 2-3 hearts allin who hit a straight. And thats the way its been for 2 or 3 weeks now.
    Abs and vegas are tipping me towards tilt. I have every right to feel this way. If you saw the hands I eventually get killed with, you would understand why also.
    I am completely fed up with it all and I am on the verge of quittin playing for a solid year. Believe me, if I finally make up my mind because of the chronic bad beats I’m experiencing, you won’t see me for a year.
    No one can be this beat up on without eventually running.
    Why stick your nose in if every time ya get it punched.
    Our reasons for dissapearing are completely different, the result however are the same.

  2. dagopher Says:

    My blog is all about the beats handed out at Abs and Vegas. Too many people have been suffering the unrealistic bad beats there for it to be a coincidence. Not that I’m saying the sites is cheating certain players…. more that they seem to reward the idiot players. Could it be these idiots have only recently joined the site, or recently deposited and therefore are being favoured? I don’t know the answer, but the way things are going, a lot of people might just move to other sites to play. There is no point in throwing money down the drain!

    Netty, You know that I’ve had the same feeling as you for sometime now. I’ve lost my ‘poker-mojo’! I know it will come back in time, but to be honest, I’ve rediscovered a lot of other things to do instead of playing poker all the time. I’m enjoying life away from the virtual felt. But the big difference is when I do play the odd game, I’m a helluva lot more focused and tend to do very well – especially in sit and gos.
    Maybe that’s all you need. Go and rediscover other pastimes that you’ve had on the backburner and spend some time away from the computer. Hopefully it will work out the same as I seem to be doing.

  3. TechMan Says:

    Hi Netsson,

    When poker stops being fun – it is time to stop. When I stopped playing professionally and went to Iraq where no play was possible for 11 months – Poker had become a chore, a job I had to do and Winning at poker was getting harder and harder…

    My first R&R (8 months in) I decided to play – I found a site where I literally had $1.25 (JetSet) and over 3 days built it to $200 and had a great time!! After that I got access from time to time and had success most of the time.

    When I got to Afghanistan – it was another solid 6 months of solid no play and this time I struggled, my Bankroll just kept going down, slowly, but down…I had started worrying about how I was doing again and it was affecting my play – first playing way to passively, then over compensating by playing overly aggressive. I finally was able to be situationaly aggressive, bluffing, continuation betting – but always mindful of my stack in relationship to the blinds.

    Yes, I still take frustrating bad beats, but those do not take me out of the tournament, just set me back so I have to work on building my stack back up…and get back into the tournament or Sit-n-Go.

    You must be a very good player to navigate through freerolls so frequently. I imagine you are losing at micro tables and those are hard, a raise does little to limit your competition or what hands you are likely to be facing. The good news is as you build your bankroll, the poker you read about in the books and on the Internet becomes real.

    If you can’t have fun, knowing you played good poker and lose – take a break or you may lose you love for the game.

    Good Luck Whatever You Decide,


  4. netsson Says:

    Thanks guys and welcome techman, really appreaciate your input!

    The freerolls i play aren’t for everyone it’s either pcs or holdemradio i play!
    I enter these freerolls to keep my patience in trim and focus more on the strategies then on the bankroll! On occasions now i started to play some sitngoes or leaguetournaments but only when i feel i’m mentally ready for them. As in yesterday i was gonna play the leaguegame but realised that i wasn’t up for it! I simply forgot about time and that was a good pointer that i shouldn’t play since i wasn’t prepared! Aaaah you get my point huh?

    I mean if you can’t feel the heart pumping from the thrill when getting your hands then you need a break and that’s what i’ve taken. Slowly beginning to feel the urge of calculating the pottodds now so i’m back bit by bit!

    Hugs to you all

  5. TechMan Says:

    Netsson – the whole heart pumping thing is called a tell in the live cash game (Wink).

    But you are correct, if you are not excited about playing and thinking about how to play every hand based on your position, and who is left in the hand and making bets with yourself about what players have when you are not in a hand…Your are probably better off reading a good book or writing about poker.

    I built my first bankrolls at limit Holdem and Limit Omaha H/L so if I made a mistake – it was not insurmountable in a few hands to recover. NL is much different.

    I know your game will come around – You are smart and use good common sense – an unusual combination that makes for a great poker player!!

    Good Luck and Hugs Back at Ya!


  6. Mumbolungo Says:

    Poker has got to be fun! Thats why we started playing in the 1st place. But then we play to much, get bad beats, we expect to win and when we don’t we slowly go on tilt by playing looser and losser.
    I had a break for a while, played golf which was getting bad cause I was playing poker rather than practicing- golf improved- poker has been great these last 2 days. The hold’em radio tourney was fab, got my requests played and I played really well at the final table to finish 2nd but with a smile on my face! had another good night with 2 sit n go wins from 3 but that was after some good golf in the evening. Going to play a couple on Tues but then will take a break till the weekend.
    What I suggest then is try not to play too much and have a life beside poker -smile and love those bad beats!
    Good Luck at the table xx

  7. netsson Says:

    Wow welcome both techman and mumbo and thanks for your input, most appreciated. I’m sort of back in business again with poker and are working on a new post here soon to be posted here again.

    Hugs to you all

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