Sort of back

Sorry i haven’t been writing much lately but i have been so sick of poker i couldn’t care less about it. Now i’m sort of back again and gonna talk a little about bad beats.. Slowly i started to enjoy playing again.

I hear a lot about bad beats. People get knocked out of a tournament and starts nagging about how badly they got beaten by monkeys, chasers or whatever that had won! I did so too but started to examine my stats, hand history and what have happened in the game and discovered that i had none else but myself to blame for the “bad beat”. First why had that person gotten into the hand in the first place that had beaten my i.e. pocket kings? Ok did i raise it enough to send out the signal i had a hand, what position and stacksize did the person have? Nope i didn’t, i raised it but not enough and sometimes the person that called had enough chips that it didn’t matter much if he/she lost it! Before you start shouting bad beat and monkeys, try to analyze a little how you played them hands yourself! OK there is some of you who played accordingly by the books and still got beaten by someone who had nothing to do in the hand from the start but “gutfeeling” so no need for being offended by what i write here. But truthfully now how many times did you get badly beaten and how many times didn’t you read the table or your opponents right?

Truthfully? i have been badly beaten about 2-5% of the times i got knocked out and the rest of the times i have misread the table, my opponents or just got stuck with what i have had in my hand not reading the others at all, blind for what’s going on at the table so to speak. That happens a lot guys, you just have to acknowledge that to yourself otherwise your gameskills will never ever grow or be better…. I can truthfully confess to that after been thinking hard about what went wrong with my games. And those times i’ve got a bad beat i have really gotten myself far in the game close to or in the money after fighting for a long time so i have been satisfied with my strategy and how i played it anyway and the bad beat have not gotten to me! Now i have tripled my bankroll just by doing so, analyzing my games, how’s and why’s. Playing less games and winning more.

One of the reasons for me bringing this up now was what happened the other night at a sitngo i played were one guy really acted out at the table in a way i never accept. His 2-pair got beat by a full house and he could not believe this and started abuse the guy who won, he was a monkey, a donk and a lot of other things! If you can’t handle loosing then get out of the game, you will either loose more to people who will take advantage of these situations or you will breakdown! This winning guy was in the hand just by his sb, it didn’t cost him more than 25 cips to call. He had the stack to call the bet on the turn without cripple his stack much and the allin at the river he already knew he had the winning hand so there were nothing to complain about that strategy. I would have played it exactly that way and i bet so would the complaining guy too if he just would have stopped, thought about it and so would probably everyone else. To bet your whole stack on 2-pair winning in omaha hi/lo is a risky stupid move when there’s a potential trips or higher on the table so why complain when it fails

People are so very quick to shout bad beat as soon as they get knocked out!

Well for now good luck in your games and don’t forget to enjoy and have fun playing the games



3 Responses to “Sort of back”

  1. dagopher Says:

    Excellent post Netty! I’m glad to see you starting to get back to your normal self at the tables. And it’s good to see you have spent your time off analysing your play.

    You are of course right in the respect that we complain too much about bad beats etc.. when we could have played the hand a lot better. As they say, we always remember the bad beats against us as opposed to the ones we hand out. And I’m certain we’ve all handed out our fair share!!!

    Its good to see you back and I hope to see you in a game or two soon.

  2. svcmgr Says:

    Well said. I feel the same way. A very small percentage of my “bad beats” are actually, in my opinion bad beats.
    The highest percentage for me is me playing like an idiot or making a mistake which ALLOWS the so called bad player in the hand.
    Analyzing your hands is crucial in determining what happened and why. I think most people (those who cry bad beat all the time) would be suprised that it is their poor play which puts them in a position to loose like that in the first place.
    We say it over and over. If you don’t look at your own game and get help or learn from your mistakes, you will never get better at this and you will be crying “bad beat” all the way out the door.
    It is good hearing from you again…keep it up!
    As a matter of fact I can see your on Skype while I am wring this so I may stop and say hi.

  3. netsson Says:

    Thanks both of you for your always appreaciated opinions.

    I will tell you in my next blog about just the poor play i did last night.

    And svcmgr you’re always welcome to talk to me in skype


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