omaha hi/lo

Last night i decided to play a $5 omaha pl h/l tournament, 113 registered and the game began. First 2 hours I did real swell. In fact real super, i’m so proud of myself. Was chipleader for a long time and when we made the money 18 ppl paid i was swinging between top 5 all the time. I really disciplined myself to get to finaltable and made it. Then all of a sudden i lost control! lost a big hand and when i say big hand i mean it. It cripled me from number 1 spot to last spot at 8 and 2000 chips left. I lost over 42000 chips in one hand……. boooohooooo. I took timeout and nagged, bitched, argued and spitted at myself out smoking and went back ever so focused again. managed from my position to gain control over the table again and after some 30 min i was chipleader again. We were down to 4 ppl playing when it happened again, i snapped out of control and out on my head i went as number 4. i wasn’t very proud of myself regarding how i played these 2 last hands. Me who swore to never ever chase lo with ace 2 or wager my whole stack on trip aces to win but that is what i did three times this tournament geeeeeeee how stupid i felt and still feels, the some $45 i won feels bittersweet when i could have done so much better if i had stucked with the strategy. And of course i’m proud of making the finaltable, the money and my game, it’s those 3 hands i’m bugged about.

Now to a different thing… Ok answer this thing… why chase a lo hand when there’s a high probability you have to split it 2, 3 or 4 ways? hmmmm? Let’s say i have the optimal high and lo hand and raising you? Stop! Think! You really here risk loosing 3/4 of what you bet or call! When i play omaha h/l i only play hands that bring me either the hi or both hi/lo never only the lo because it’s not worth the risk of splitting it with the hi hand and some more players! Except in above described cases and yes i’m blushing now and bowing my head in shame.….

A wise person once told me to never play an omaha hand that gives you less than a high flush cause 2pairs, trips or even a straight are in danger of being beat by higher hand like (higher)flush or boat. (I actually overheard one guy who was soooo ticked off by the fact that a 7-high flush wasn’t good enough to win at vegas. He was sure that the site were corrupt and after him for not winning with that hand, geeee how stupid can a person be?) So betting hard in potlimit on 2 pairs is a no-good thing to do! So what is a good startinghand in omaha h/l? Well it’s like playing nlholdem with 4 hands at the same time! My favourite hand is among others ace 8 suited and k 9 suited or ace 3 suited and k 2 suited. there you have a hand with good odds! You can get flush in 2 suits and you can get high or lo straight or 2pairs, trips and boat, so the probability of this hand is very high. but i would not play this hand if i didn’t have the probability to win the high hand!

You got to at least have three probably winning hands of your four hands to even get involved in the pot
i mean i have seen people chasing with 2 4 6 8 rainbow and asked quietly to myself if they really would have chased with either of those hands in nlholdem? 2 4 off? 2 6 off? 2 8 off? 4 8 off? 4 6 off? or 6 8 off? chasing? Complete waste of chips wich gives no right to complain about bad beats

In rating the best startinghand is Ace Ace 2 3 in two suits!

Another thing about omaha h/l as in every other pokergame you have to thin out the number of players to increase your chances of winning the pot, i mean why get involved in hands with 8 other players

To be continued

hugs and have fun when you play otherwise get out and do something else


3 Responses to “omaha hi/lo”

  1. svcmgr Says:

    Too bad on not winning. I am proud of ya for coming back though. That, to me, makes you more dangerous than just winning. Being able to focus and play good cards when you just had an emontional beat is impressive.
    The thing about Omaha H/L – If you are good at it or at least know the strategy of the game, you can clean up. It appears to me, most people don’t really know how to play the game.
    That being said though, it can be more of a Monkey fest due to the fact there are 4 down cards and you have a lot of chances to hit something. So, chasers are more apt to chase.
    I play Omaha H/l hands to scoop. You always want to win both the high and the low. How many times have you been in a hand where there are 3 or more people in and the A 2 low keeps raising the pot? High hand is the high hand which usually does not get split. So, Mr. A 2 is raising a pot he will probably get at least quartered on which is silly.
    I will usually fold trips or less to a raise in Omaha H/L because they usually don’t hold up. (usually, not always).
    With flushes, its the nut flush or a fold usually.
    Its an interesting and fun game and can be quite challenging at times.

  2. netsson Says:

    Thanks hon! You’re absolutely right about the raising with A 2 is a silly move. How many times have you seen that hand get busted when a 2, an ace or a high card comes up? Or as you said it split quartered?

    I have had 2 days now when i have really not played at my best, my mom got rushed to hospital monday with a smashed face, broken nose and stiches. thank god she’s ok now and this morning she got up ready to go to work since she doesn’t like to leave upon others to do her work. Geeee i’m impressed by this superwoman! Me? i have been a total wreck the past 2 days not sleeping or been able to concentrate at all!!!


  3. dagopher Says:

    Hey Netty! You’ve not updated since August…. TOOOOOO LONG!

    Hope you have some material to post soon!

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