Long overdue

OK Gofer you’re right! I know i’ve been abscent and that a post here is long overdue so here goes…..

How have i’ve been you ask? Well i’ve moved to my new apartment and it’s soooo sweet to have all this big space around me here. A big kitchen to cook in and many new dishes have been created there.. Love to cook so there i’m in heaven!

Poker you ask? Well i’ve been playing a lot at Ultimate Bet lately with someone very very dear to me from whom i’ve been learning a lot. Been given some real valuable advices on what to improve and i’m really grateful for that.


honey! I owe you big time……Tons of kisses and hugs!!!

LOVE YOU dearly!



Continuing on the topic about omaha Hi/lo pl

A very easy way to understand how to play this game is to picture you playing nlholdem with 4 cards but with an extra escape-door (your high hand bust you can go for the low)You get your four cards and the thing you begin with is to count how many playable hands you can get from it. Nothing less than 3-4 hands toss the hand in the dumpster, no idea to get involved. and by 3 hands i mean i.e ace, 2 spades and ace, king of diamonds. There you can count ace, 2 suited for a flush or low straight! ace , king suited for another flush or High straight! ace, ace paired and some. there you have at least 3 playable hands.

ace, 5, 9 10 rainbow next example? well i would count that as 1 plausible but not even a good hand and would toss it.

7, 8, 9, 10 is a tricky hand even suited…. you could hit a straight but pray that i would be a 10 high and that there’s no 10 on the table for anyone else to get a jack high. I would toss it. Calculating with 7, 8, 9, 10 high flushes is just throwing your chips away! (Have heard wining about why a guy’s 7 high flush didn’t held and that he was badly beat)

You have counted how many playable hands you’ve got and descide to play? OK now what?

You’ve of course marked the opponents how they play and what! You can bet that at least 99% of the others will chase the low hand 99% of the time.. Bad move and a big don’t! You risk to be splitting the 50% in worst scenario 4 ways and best scenario you get the whole 50%, Hence go only for the high pot and be selective! Look at the low hand as the icing on the cake, some bonuse you can get with the high hand and watch how the others rage when you scoop 75% of the pot

My absolute best recommendation is to fold as much as possible your way down to 4 ppl left (9 ppl sitngo). That stratey have taken me to many winnings! I mean preflop-raises with 9 ppl who cheaply calls your hand is just bad play and can so easily bust in omaha h/l. It just eats your stack until you’re bound to monkeyplay and hope to get lucky. Choose your battles in this game. And when left with 4 players and just one or 2 in every hand is where you can pull the trigger with preflopraises as the ppl then tend to tighten up closer to payout. But carefully study the opponents is the key here…

Omaha h/l is a very fun and challenging game when you do choose your battles and study the others carefully it do gets more understandable

Oooooh and Scvmgr there was a woman last standing


neener neener neener……


in both the leaguegame AND the sitngo!


More sidebet-wagers…Come on i’m ready!



4 Responses to “Long overdue”

  1. svcmgr Says:

    Yes Netty, I humbly hang my head and concede that you won the last person standing side bet. We will need to make another one.
    I had more fun with the side bet than I did playing the game.
    Maybe I need to do some more “interesting” stuff like that to get me back into playing again.
    Good advice on the Omaha H/L stuff. We have to be careful though. If we teach too many people how to play, it will start effecting our bankrolls…lol
    Welcome back to posting!
    Hopefully, we will hear more from you.

  2. Blagger Says:

    I like the idea of that sidebet thing! Man we could even start our own mini league of Skyper’s lol

    Good luck with the blog netts.. just trying to recrank mine back into life also.. gonna take a bit of effort to get back into the swing of posting regularly.


  3. netsson Says:

    Thanks guys!

    I have some posts figured out and hopefully i get them into print soon

    I would love the sidebet-thingy to crank some life into the games. This particular game and the sitngo after was the funniest in a long time…
    made me realize how much i missed the skypecrew and being “yelled” at by my friends there.

    Svcmgr, I promise to keep the advanced secrets of omaha h/l to myself so i still can increase my bankroll.

  4. netsson Says:

    And Svcmgr i still laugh at “Go Oscar, I don’t wanna pay a girl”


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