commenting forum transformation

OK I wasn’t gonna respond to the debate regarding the forums transformation but there are a few pointers that i think hasn’t been said in this matter. I can understand the feeling of not be able to speak your mind in a forum-post! Sometimes there is this feeling of running through a minefield when posting something that resemble a complaint, it’s not easy to satisfy everyone but to hear I couldn’t care less if ppl stay or not, well that really doesn’t make ppl feel welcome to stay nor join or push for the forum!

A forum where all sides cannot be heard is not a forum, there has to be a multiple-way-communication to be a forum where everyone has the right to speak their mind. But i’m not gonna judge in specific situations due to not been present at times and not having all facts in my hand. I’m not saying this side’s right or this side’s wrong. The terms i could easily stand up for since i’m already playing the 2 games per month that’s not the issue ppl! It’s when ppl feel obligated to enter a game i.e just to boost the numbers so it get pointscoring you never get ppl who really wanna play at their best. hence you don’t see skills improving either and you will not see the boost in numbers of new members improving and winning for the forum. This forum have exceptional good quality-players who should beat any other forums anytime but we’re lacking the desire to do so! That’s the issue that should be solved!

What i’m more thinking and turning against is when you get the same 15 ppl playing it inevitable ends up with routine and no chance of improving your gameskill. It doesn’t matter if the buyin is free or up to $50. You still get your monsterhand sucked out after raising preflop 5-8Xbb by ace-rag or any facecard-rag. That is what happens playing daily same ppl who say either “that’s poker” or “I only play with friends for fun” NEWS-FLASH that’s not poker and definately not a fun game with friends, it’s a crappy-job! Those who really wanna improve, working on improving their skills with odds and strategies are getting sucked out by ppl who just enters a friendly game who think their any facecard-rag is a purrrrdy hand! We loose interest to play these games and if these complaints gets unheard or you can’t speak them outloud cause of hurt feelings or terms like “relax it’s a game with friends!!!” then i find something else to do, don’t wanna throw my money away even if it is to friends.

Still as i said I know it isn’t easy to run clubs or forum and satisfy everyone and i’m not the possessor of all the answers on how to! But how do you expect the members to feel the desire to fight for the forum if you lost it yourself?

I’m reconsidering a fullstop of playing poker from new year and find something else to occupy my free time because i just wish for a game where luck takes the backseat and skill is what determines the game and that is nothing i can see in near future. To me the forum lost it’s objective and transformed to well more of a kindergarden where ppl hang out and i lost my interest in the process! That was not what i signed up for!

I play the ofc and i will do my very best to win as much as i can but frankly i couldn’t care less anymore about the money the forum might get. I’m taking time-out!


3 Responses to “commenting forum transformation”

  1. svcmgr Says:

    Well said Netty!!!
    Crappy play with friends is still crappy play. I sure brings you down when you play hard, try your best and get sucked out by someone who doesn’t care.
    I would really miss you if you stop playing. Who else am I going to tease about how girls can’t play poker? Lol
    They can’t by the way, men just let em win so it isn’t so boring at the tables..hahahaha
    I wonder how many other people feel the same way we do but just aren’t saying anything.
    I have a feeling the forum is going to turn into about 20 ppl. Kind of like a home league.
    Maybe I’ll see ya this weekend and we can play.
    Take care!

  2. netsson Says:

    Thanks hon, my point exactly… I do reconsidering to stop playing at all unless something or someone can convince me otherwise. There is the 6-seater sitngo i do play wich i can find somewhat challenging.

    Well i’m gonna be online so stop by skype and say hi!

  3. Blagger Says:

    Nice post Netss.. You communicated the frustrations of the issue very well.

    I totally agree with your analysis of the excuses offered up everytime someone is sucked out by an experienced player in the league games. It isn’t fun when you have sat there for maybe two hours playing good poker against good players for someone to knock you out in the final stages with total donk calls etc.

    I don’t care either for the “it is just fun”… As I said on the forum before my post was removed, that if this [the league] was not about money but mostly about light hearted fun then why don’t we have the league games in play money tables?

    Still.. I bet it is fun for the donk that just called your all in with his or her q-6 or A-rag and sucked you out.. and that is just as likely to be an admin these days, so who do you complain to?.. .. Oops sorry, my bad, new rules are you don’t complain.. man you’d think I’d know that one eh lol

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