netsson’s making a statement

I’ve been a loyal member and immensely proud of representing PCS forum, you all know that! I deeply believe that as a forum with all the strength represented by the ppl there we can beat any other forum out there but my concern has been misread.

I as I stated in my blog never had anything against the new rules, i can understand them and as I further stated haven’t got the answer to run a forum, no complaints there either. My concern were all this couldn’t-care-less-mentality that seems to run deeply among everyone. The no-debate nor no-answer on how’s and whys, the lack of interest as it looks when playing to improve and learn. The lack of desire to go out there and promote the forum’s motto as you have stated there “The best place to be, learn and improve”! And if the mentality is just that, how do we mantle the will to promote the forum in the games and win? That is my major concern and that’s exactly the debate i wanted to start!

I also stated that i had no desire to take side thus i didn’t have all the facts nor the desire to get all the facts, that is not my business and that i stand by. BUT as long as a person hasn’t wronged me I still talk to that person, as i said i have no desire to get in the middle between 2 ppl that have different opinions. You guys all are dear friends of mine as long as you show me respect as a person and i won’t stand it to be forced to choose side.

Now i feel that it’s exactly what is forced upon me by a pm I got!

Cannot emphasize this enough Please observe that I’m not saying either party done right nor wrong here not my business just this whole thing has gotten out of proportion!

It’s a shame that it have come down to this fight over principles of who said that and who did what! The real issue got lost and unfortunately ppl get caught in middle (now i feel it’s me), the real issue about how to get the heart and soul back into the game, how to get the members to rise to the occasion and fight for the forum, how to help to get self help to improve the game, to be at our best so we can show everyone else we’re a force to be reckon with here! I don’t wanna be a part of this game of principles! I just wanna be the best i can! I refuse to take side and to choose whom I’m allowed to speak to and those who tries to force that kind of decision upon me, well i don’t feel are as open minded nor a friend who cares about me! I’m sorry but that’s how i feel. Nothing personal nor how the forum’s run.

You got to be able to have a debate, discussion, embrace different opinions, to criticize and take critique to rise with the task otherwise it’s just a bunch of people hanging out but that seems to have been forgotten in the heat here! Hell yeah i feel immensely sad about the request of removing the link to my blog even thou stated it’s nothing personal. The “request” is undoubtedly a request to either remove my blog link in the forum and choose a certain side or remove the link in my blog to choose the other side or where will it end?


I just wanna play poker at my best and improve to be even better!

So I’m putting my membership on ice now, taking time out at least until the new year and maybe, maybe i just stick to playing the 2 games per month if or when this whole matter blows over and the objective again is to become the better, more skilled poker player? I still have wonderful friends in the forum and I still feel i wanna be proud of the forum i started to care so much for.

If someone feel I wronged them then I apologize not my intention here and if you feel i shouldn’t come back well then thanks for a wonderful time and the friendship!

I will play the OFC for PCS both games but after that? Well hell i don’t know anymore i just feel such deep sorrow over the whole thing! I need to think of what I want!


3 Responses to “netsson’s making a statement”

  1. Blagger Says:

    Man I feel bad now Netty..

    I’d rather you just remove the link to my blog it ain’t like we won’t still be in touch and never playing together again.. We’ll always have Skype and email etc

    And I’ll still come read yah blog.. promise… 😉

  2. svcmgr Says:

    I got the same e-mail/PM Netty.
    I removed my link in my signature. This better apply to ALL signatures in the forum.
    Gosh, I don’t know how this all got this far.
    Sorry I missed ya this weekend. I wasn’t on all weekend.

  3. dagopher Says:

    I’ve removed the link from my signature too. I’ve also posted some thoughts regarding my situation, in my own blog.

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