Who am I

OK after been running this blog for almost a year now i thought it’s time to reveal a little bit about who i am!

1) Swedish, female

2) Love racing, have my own 6-gear 100 cc gocart and have been racing cars. (speed-junkie he** yeah) 8)

3) Collector of something called micromachines. Have my own little town in my livingroom with houses, cars and a spaceport with spaceships added to it. (Aaaawww toys!!!)

4) The only one who have been allowed into, then escorted back and deported from a european country all in the timeframe of 30-45 minutes. (Hummm, forgot the greencard-insurance on the car back home nicely on the kitchentable and loudly refusing to buy a new one at the border, so forgetful yep that’s me)

5) started playing poker early, some 35 years ago now. Uhmmm knuckle-poker anyone? It’s either 5 card draw or 5 card stud but with high/low where the high gets to punish the low, a red card gets you a burn on the lower arm and black card hit you on your knuckles, all done with the deck. (Painful poker, you have to improve so you don’t have to go around bruised and burned)

6) Hate to sleep (would love if that habit could be gotten rid of)

7) Been hosed with cold water by the working ladies of the night in a european big city when checking where my company went. ( 😀 the bouncer dragged my male companions into a uhm uhm “bar” Of course i go check they are ok. Well what a compliment to me if they thought i was competition and nooo i wasn’t dressed for the occasion exactly) 8)

8 ) After driving for some 12 hours, pulled over to get me some sleep just to be awaken a couple of hours later by some angry germans for totally blocking the service-entrance to the restaurant so they couldn’t open it in time. (I come from the land where the sun never sets during summer and in germany it’s pitch-black! Didn’t see the door, sorry! But on the other hand i really believe i was in a totally different land/city 😀 ….. Argh missed my ordinary ferry to west-geramany and uuuhm got on another one and landed where i wasn’t supposed too uhuh in east-germany)

9) Got my identity mixed up with an 18-MONTH old male-baby when trying to get back from yet another european country. (Hard to explain to the borderpatrol, of course they tried to say they didn’t do anything wrong at the travelagency but still to be accused of being 18-months when 30-years is a bit too far out even for a female who doesn’t wanna get older. 18 years hmmmmm maybe but months naaaah)

Well that’s a bit about me and more to come later

On with the Poker

Wooohooo getting my poker-mojo back bit by bit.. And tonight i had more luck than i have had the past whole year. Yeah i can admit to that but i changed some small things in my gamingstrategy tonight. Added more aggression to the game and it paid off for me! Before the game i swore i was gonna get paid tonight and i be damned if i bubbled yet another time. Was the chipleader most of the time and got me some very lucky hands there.

One stood out quite a deal and that was my rockets against pp jacks. On the flop i kind of watched my tournament fly out through the window when q j q hitted. But i rivered this time when k ace came up. Still i did the right move wether i won or not, pushing the rockets hard. Well my luck kind of held up through the whole tournament until headsup and i got me a second place.

Congrats to Paulie who won. You earned it even if you too got some very good hands there at the end and I didn’t!

Next time i’ll get you!

For me I’ve had 2 days now with pure fun poker, challenges at it’s best and i thank you all for it!


7 Responses to “Who am I”

  1. dagopher Says:

    What can I say?? An illegal immigrant for a whole 45mins and been mistaken for an 18 month old baby???? Not many can lay claim to that! I like the idea of the gocart racing. I love the sport, but unfortunately I cannot afford my own cart. I have driven on a grand-prix circuit though in a twin engined cart. The cart was capable of 70mph, but I didn’t get anywhere near that speed!

    Good to see the turn around in your fortunes though. And it’s about time some of us started hitting the river instead of it going against us.

    Keep it up netty, and hopefully I will join in with the wagers again soon.

  2. netsson Says:

    Goph I have plenty of these things happening to me, can fill a whole book on them…. I can’t understand why these things happens and so frequently, I’m a nice gal! Going to fill in more in my blogposts.

    About the Mojo i’m commenting it in your blog instead

  3. Grundy Says:

    I hate sleeping too, such a waste of time…man, I’m so tired.

  4. netsson Says:

    Rofl ooooh me too is soooooo tired, darn it!

  5. kbvital Says:

    Hi Netsson just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, hope you have a great day, love from Karl.

  6. netsson Says:

    Ohh Karl thanks hon! I’m very happy to see you again. Missed playing with you. skype me and we do a battle again!

    hugs and love

  7. SSexyAzz Says:

    Hiyas Netty…just stopped by this morn to read some of your blog after seeing your post this morn in backrow…very intresting I might say…I respect your play..and totally enjoy playing poker with you and against you…lol keep up the great work on your blog..I’ll be stopping by to read more….
    see ya soon on the felt!!!


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