Happy New Year Everyone

I know! I know! I know!

I’m a bit Ashamed for not been updating my Blog in such long time but i promise i’m gonna do better 2009!

This is the first of many more to come!

Been playing poker of course most every day lately!

Found myself loving it here in England after been here for over 2 months now! Being spoiled rotten!

My heart is right here where i am right now and Oboy what a nice feeling that is! How many can these days truly say their heart and love is exactly where they want it to be! I’m just so happy I had the guts to take the step and travel over here to meet the guy i really and truly love! Even thou the trips took between 20 and 44.5 hours, it soo was worth every second of it!!

Well until next time have a nice time and be safe, remember to have fun!!


2 Responses to “Happy New Year Everyone”

  1. mumbolungo Says:

    About time too!!
    Found your blog again as even I have one now!
    Still playing for the squad but things are fairly quiet without our American friends. We are playing our games over at PKR at the moment.
    Great to hear of your happiness and hope to see you at the tables again some day. Take care Ian.

  2. netsson Says:

    Hey Mumbo very long time no see! Good to see you again too!
    Don’t be a stranger and take care you….!

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