Well long time overdue but…

Taaaa daaaah i’m finally back to annoy you all with some nagging, laughs, whinings and randomly bits and pieces of my thoughts and happenings. Did you miss me? :D ?

As most of you already know a lot have happened since i did regular posts. I’m still in England and will be for, well let’s just say i’m staying here! Just came over here for a short visit but the view that met me at the airport was hunkaliciously fantastic and i’ll not for anything in this universe wanna loose that view, want it to follow me everywhere. It’s absolutely gorgeous :D! Yep it’s a he, my gorgeous view! And as the Beotch i am i quickly sank my claws into that beautiful view and i won’t let go ever!

I’ve set myself up for a huge challenge as well when it comes to poker. I found a site where i only had some $0.50 on and i said to myself “wonder how long it will take me to grind it up to a comfortable level?” Well that was about some 2-3 months ago and since then i’m up to $55 just by playing $0.10-$0.20 sitngos. Hum soooooooo boring yes but necessary!

I had last year some really good months where i was up about $1200 just playing some $10 bounties at cake-network but due to some unfortunately stupid moves by me i had to withdraw most f it leaving me very and i mean VERY short, just to have to start all over grinding again and that’s just been awful for the mental part of me.

Yes i know i’ve been nagging and whining about bad luck and yes i do agree it’s not that’s been the true reason. All you do at the pokertable is been reflecting by the state of mind you’re in, I know i’ve admitted it. you happy now baby?? BUT you know it’s a womans perogative to have blaming-tantrums so what’s a poor woman supposed to do?? :P

The other day i was asked to improve some bits in my games in order to make a deal so i’m gonna have to since this is something i really wanna do but some of the things i want to improve i have to say is hard to do when playing on lower levels. OK playing position i can do better but how do you increase your aggression at a microlevel where people call with ANY 2 and it’s cheap to loose and buyin to next game? There’s no thoughts behind some of the callers you get. There’s no playing the player so to speak!  So anyone that can give me a tip or 2 let me know?

I’ve got a wish for the pokersites, why not add a possibility to take down table-notes, i mean sometimes there’s the table-dynamic you want to register together with the player-notes. How they interact with each other. How one players actions effects the others and the dynamic at the table! so on and so on!

Well my game started, got trip 7s first hand and doubled up so now i’ll focus on the game but i’ll be back i promise!


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