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Is this to go a bit too far or what do you think?  I mean come on representing dead Pikes calling it murder!! I can certainly agree on harsher and stronger laws for cruelty against animals but where’s the line to be drawn here. Do we drag kids to the court for stepping on ants now? Have to say i thought it was April fools day when i first read this in the news!

And people are for sure gonna be upset by this lawyer comparing burned dogs with decapitated children and huge amount of drugs! i can understand his point of view that animals need to have someone speaking for them and i’m no god who say i’m more worthy than the animals but wouldn’t it be better to actually have the small claims court and specialists taking these cases so the prosecutor doesn’t HAVE to compare the cases then!

The day i need a prosecutor who’s burning for his job i don’t want him to be blase over the caseload and comparision of cases especially if he has  to compare the case of a “murdered” Pike and a decapitated kid!

Swiss dogs to get legal representatives

Swiss lawyers can get it a lot trickier in their dealings with clients in the future. On Sunday it will be determined on fish, hamsters, dogs and other vulnerable animals should be entitled to legal assistance.
Sunday’s referendum is a so-called people’s initiative, a renowned feature of Swiss democracy.Those who manage to get together 100 000 signatures to force a vote on almost anything, and this has now animal rights organization Schweizer Tierschutz (STS) succeeded.
In canton Zurich, the animal had the right to a lawyer since 1992. The question now is whether this should be mandatory also in the rest of the country.
Antoine Goetschel has as animal lawyers in Zurich has become the vote poster’s name. He manages an annual basis up to about 200 court cases, but irritating on that it is often the most weird cases which attracts attention. For example, when he was last week in court representing a pike murdered by a fisherman.

Poor pay

Most cases, however, cats, dogs and cattle that are exposed to serious animal cruelty. The clients are almost always lousy pay, so Goetschels hourly rate about 200 francs paid by the cantonal authorities.
Switzerland was already one of the world’s toughest animal protection laws. For example, it’s illegal to flush down live ornamental fish in the toilet – they must first be killed with with the gentle method possible. And animals with high social needs, such as hamsters, are not to be left alone.
But the sentences for those convicted are often low. Goetschel find it logical that it compels the judiciary to take the animals more seriously.
– If the prosecutor gets a case of huge amounts of drugs, and one with a decapitated child, and then two severe burned dogs come in – when he says, “Oh, What”. I understand, “said Goetschel.
– It would be fairer to give the animals a voice.

Uncertain outcome

And as animal rights lawyer, he needs help. Right now, he has a total of 50 cases on his desk, for example, a horse who died after being exposed for 30 stabwounds.
According to opinion polls support the two-thirds of the Swiss proposal. It is still uncertain whether animal rights proposal get the green light when the results start to come on Sunday afternoon, as it requires a majority not only among those who go to the polls, but among the general population.
Switzerland holding three referendums on Sunday. In addition to animal law the Swiss are taking position on tightening the pension system and to a question about the law of research and science.

On to some other notes, i’ve been rooting for Scotty Nguyen in his NBC Heads-Up challenge and he’s on to his forth HU today against Mercier after beating Gabe Kaplan and Phil Ivey for his second and third game and someone Unknown in his first.  I myself had an early night yesterday with no poker at all. I went to bed with a book wich i quickly fell asleep from already at 10.00 pm 😀 leaving everything to be sorted out by Ash! Sorry baby but Oooh it felt like heaven getting an early night! Still as usual got awaken up by the dog dancing around the bed licking my hand! So i had to get up at 3.00 and walk her! I don’t know why we have a nocturnal dog who loves to play and have her walkies during the nights instead of the day?

Oh and Paulie i’ve just made 2 posts and you’ve done none Mooooahahahaha! Come on Paulie, Dave and Gof get yer thumbs out of yer asses now and hit the keyboards 😀

See ya!


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