Stop and smell the roses

Everytime i’m out riding a car on the countryside and get a glimpse of a nice house sitting on a beautiful spot with the most gorgeous view i keep wondering if the people living there actually are aware of the scenery they’re living in. The reason for my ponder is that my mom-in-law gets out of bed every morning around 4-5am just to be sitting at her livingroom window watching the sunrise over the sea. She’s absolutely mesmerized by that view and it is a beautiful sight indeed. How many of us are stopping to smell the roses on our way where we’re going? Taking in how wonderous the scenery is surrounding us or just listening to the much needed silence just before the birds wakes up? I have to say that the most beautiful sound in the world is the waves rushing in from the sea over the rocks around 3-5am in the morning before anyone else is up but me!

This morning the dog woke me up a 3.30am and she’s of the opinion “when i’ve got to go, I’ve really GOT to go!” So no other option for me but to get up and take her out even thou i’ve only slept for some 2-3 hours. Of course i’m on the opposite opinion i want to sleeeeeep but i’ve got no say here unless i want to clean up after her in the morning. Hmmmm wonder when the scientist are going to be able to implement a gene into our pets allowing them to be able to clean up after themselves? But then again it wouldn’t be our pets anymore, we could call them “mom” or “paid help”. Same thing i wish they could invent self-cleaning dishes (uhm with grown-out legs that can walk themselves out to the kitchen and wash themselves) or non-dusting houses but then again wouldn’t that just be another name for papercups, paperplates or house with a serious draft?? I’m not wishing for a robot taking over the housework here, i really like cooking and having a clean, nice house but a little help wouldn’t be a bad idea So please scientist, non-sticking, selfcleaning pots and pans together with no-dust-sticking houses would be an idea worthy of a nobelprize i promise

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