New month, new day

Yesterday i had to ask myself, -What the hell have happened to me? I found myself being really happy and satisfied using a new brush and newly opened washing-up liquid when i was doing the dishes.

That’s sooooooo NOT me! I think? Or is this the new me? Ooooh what the f’ have you done to me Ash?

Our familymemember that fell so ill last weekend was surprisingly sitting up in her chair when i came up last time and that made me so happy, she’s still confused but what to expect when she lost a week. She’s talking, recognizes us all, getting better every day and that’s what matters. Nothing else!

My poker then you ask? Well past 2 days i’ve had no patience at all. I’ve played but been falling for the easiest donks there is without even care. I had one bigstacked guy sitting right after me and i noticed he was pushing allin everytime there were limpers in the pot. So i took a risk when i limped with pp Qs late pos calculating he would push, he did! everyone else folded and i called. I was right he pushed with Q6 and had only 5% chance of winning. But what do you think happened?? RIGHT he rivered an 8 high straight on me sending me out of the tournie!

After that everything felt wrong every game i regged for so i quit playing early. Today the site have been having problems with their servers so i’ve only played 2 tournies and 2 sitngos. but no patience today. i’ve been feeling restless so it’s going to be an early night for me again.

New games tomorrow, new challenges!

Now on to my movies for the rest of the evening!

Play well and have fun..

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