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Easter witches

April 8, 2010

Different ways to celebrate easter in different countries

Somehow the original idea of why we’re celebrating easter or should i say the church original idea have somehow gone missing from our concisenessed minds. In England i found they celebrate it with a huge Bunny who comes with a lot of chocolate-eggs and a meat-free good friday

In Sweden they celebrate it with hollow eggs you fill with sweets. Kids dressed as the Easter-witch carrying a huge coffeepot comes knocking on your door and you have to give them sweets and treats so they’re not taking your kids or making your milk go sour instead.

Easter-witches even called “old woman passover” or “Passover bitch” is a very old Swedish folklore considered from 1600-century as witches flying on their brooms to Blockula to meet the devil and have a massive feast with him on the night between wednesday and thursday. The feast or banquet was held in a magnificent house on a huge field and they were served frogs, toads and snakes. Around 1660-1670 there were the worst Witch-hunt and witch-trials in swedens history due to these folklores, the hunts and trials were often executed due to beliefs that the women had been participating in these huge feasts with the devil. People believed they’ve seen their neighbour flying their broom the night between Wednesday and thursday at easter. It was that easy to be charged as a witch and put on trial.

In order to scare away witches people lit fires and shot in the air with rifles. Something that lives on today in terms of Easter-bonfire, May-bonfire (Today mostly celebrated that our long winter is over, it’s spring and the summer is coming) and firecrackers.

Since Easter-witches are based on popular beliefs they may be a bit different from the real witches who was reported from that era. There will be Easter-witches have accessories like a coffee pot, a black cat and broomstick. Several of these attributes have no direct link to the witches in the 1600s: Coffee wasn’t used in Sweden in the 1600s, nor are black cats mentioned in the legal record of the time.

With reference to modern superstition can be a theory that pot is a symbol of the cauldron and the black cat for bad luck or misery.

It’s uncertain when the tradition of kids dressing as easter-witches started but it was hugely spread around the country in the middle of 1800 century.

So while most of western world are celebrating a huge Rabbit who’s hiding chocolate-eggs Sweden is celebrating witches begging for candy. This is swedens halloween-trick-or-treat but with a theme! Halloween as it’s celebrated in the rest of western world didn’t start in sweden until recently. Halloween were more a toned down time to respect our deads and not that much big of a deal when i grew up.

(source: some from wikipedia)

So what about poker? Well due to recent events with my loved family-member who’s been in hospital since mid January, she’s got terminal cancer and was deteriorating some 2 weeks ago when hospital called us telling us to come and not expect anything good. Visited her last night and she’s amazingly bounced back to more or less her old self again. I’m so pleased and happy to see her smile again. It’s unbelieveble that she wasn’t responsive just under 2 weeks ago and now sits up, communicate and laughs with us. The hospital’s been fantastic. But due to these recent events i’ve not been playing that much seriously lately. I’ve been playing one or two tournies a day but my mind haven’t really quite been there. I’ve seen myself falling for the easiest traps (trap or trap???? They don’t know how to trap but still i haven’t got any better name for it). I know i’m being beat and still make the calls just because i don’t care. I’m making the WTF-move…

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Hard times

March 31, 2010

Sitting here trying to get a post down in print while i have a dear and so much loved one within my family is fighting for her life in hospital. Trying to get my thoughts right when fighting this worrying, ice-cold knot in my stomach. It’s not fair, we had so much planned we were going to do!

The feeling of fear and being helpless is overwhelming, almost making me not able to breathe. And at the same time watching everyone else i care for so much around her in such worry and hurt is so heartbreaking!

Have been playing a few freerolls just to try getting my mind on something else for a few hours at the time but it’s been hard, even though i have been winning 2 out of 3 in average, it’s still just by routine and no challenge at all.

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Stop and smell the roses

March 21, 2010

Everytime i’m out riding a car on the countryside and get a glimpse of a nice house sitting on a beautiful spot with the most gorgeous view i keep wondering if the people living there actually are aware of the scenery they’re living in. The reason for my ponder is that my mom-in-law gets out of bed every morning around 4-5am just to be sitting at her livingroom window watching the sunrise over the sea. She’s absolutely mesmerized by that view and it is a beautiful sight indeed. How many of us are stopping to smell the roses on our way where we’re going? Taking in how wonderous the scenery is surrounding us or just listening to the much needed silence just before the birds wakes up? I have to say that the most beautiful sound in the world is the waves rushing in from the sea over the rocks around 3-5am in the morning before anyone else is up but me!

This morning the dog woke me up a 3.30am and she’s of the opinion “when i’ve got to go, I’ve really GOT to go!” So no other option for me but to get up and take her out even thou i’ve only slept for some 2-3 hours. Of course i’m on the opposite opinion i want to sleeeeeep but i’ve got no say here unless i want to clean up after her in the morning. Hmmmm wonder when the scientist are going to be able to implement a gene into our pets allowing them to be able to clean up after themselves? But then again it wouldn’t be our pets anymore, we could call them “mom” or “paid help”. Same thing i wish they could invent self-cleaning dishes (uhm with grown-out legs that can walk themselves out to the kitchen and wash themselves) or non-dusting houses but then again wouldn’t that just be another name for papercups, paperplates or house with a serious draft?? I’m not wishing for a robot taking over the housework here, i really like cooking and having a clean, nice house but a little help wouldn’t be a bad idea So please scientist, non-sticking, selfcleaning pots and pans together with no-dust-sticking houses would be an idea worthy of a nobelprize i promise

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Happy New Year Everyone

January 6, 2009

I know! I know! I know!

I’m a bit Ashamed for not been updating my Blog in such long time but i promise i’m gonna do better 2009!

This is the first of many more to come!

Been playing poker of course most every day lately!

Found myself loving it here in England after been here for over 2 months now! Being spoiled rotten!

My heart is right here where i am right now and Oboy what a nice feeling that is! How many can these days truly say their heart and love is exactly where they want it to be! I’m just so happy I had the guts to take the step and travel over here to meet the guy i really and truly love! Even thou the trips took between 20 and 44.5 hours, it soo was worth every second of it!!

Well until next time have a nice time and be safe, remember to have fun!!

Some pokerfree days

April 30, 2007

I’m taking some pokerfree days now.  I have to move up north because of my new job requires this! Unfortunately it also keeps me from writing in my blog. But i’ll be back soon again

So until then buh-bye and play great poker!

Been away for a week

April 21, 2007

OK i’ve been away for over a week in business. Had to travel to the other end of Sweden Gothenburg and work with a colleague! And Man how i love to fly! When the plane made it’s takeoff i laughed all the way up in the air! The flight back where even more fun due to the winds, it felt like the best rollercoaster in the world and the plane came down almost with a broadside and with one wing tilting downwards a bit! The pilot had to struggle real hard with the upwinds and i really felt alive! I’m a adrenaline-junky getting high from all things that can accelerate like cars, planes and some rollercoasters! Been racing gocarts and cars for some years now.

All the landing i was thinking oboy what can top this and came to the conclusion i got to buy me a dragster and drive it so now to my question how to pay for it! It is cheaper than buying a 747 and employing a flight-crew, be a regular on flights just for fun or buy a ticket on next spaceshuttle but still to expensive for me at the moment and my own gocart well wonder if it’s enough

Oboy how spoiled I feel having such a problem… well i’s not a problem but that flight were the most exciting thing i ever experienced

On to poker!

Yesterday evening I really tried to build up my patience in the first tournament a $2.50 limit holdem with 130 registered i went out as number 27 but after that flight i felt kind of bored with poker so after another $2.50 buyin sitngo wich i kind of threw away (yeah i know, i know my discipline went out the window) i decided to shut down the pokergames for a day!

It’s not a good feeling to just give away my hard earned money without a fight and i had a long, long discussion with myself over how stupid that was! Wonder what my neighbours think of me yelling and arguing with myself here! Well lesson learned!

Swedish poker ladies team event

i played the team event this thursday and got 5th! After being chipleader and second for the first hour and 45 min, playing solid and strategic we were down to 5 players! Chipleader had some 11000 and me 3500, I sat in position of the chipleader and should have done much better but my cards went totally cold when the blinds went up to 250/500 with an ante of 100!

That fact kind of ate my stack and when i was down to 1800 i felt i had to do something and went allin with the most deacent hand i have had for a long time 10 j of diamonds, up came 8d-qd-ace of hearts. I had straight, flush and straigh-flush draw but the 2 cards that came on turn and river totally demolished me and my chances when rag, rag came and none a diamond. Chipleader won with a pair of aces and i hit the pavement outside so hard my booootie hurts even today!

Hmmmm kind of disappointed because diamonds usually don’t let me down! But everything has to have a first time!

Well i have 4 more chances in this tournament and next time I WILL take this down!

Buh-bye to next time

Netssons got a new computer!

April 4, 2007

4 days totally filled with information that are pushed into my mind here! Oh my how blanked out i feel at the moment!

Trying to absorb every detail at this seminar! But soon to be back in the action again so watch out! Oh and i got my new computer yesterday!


Netsson’s going away

March 31, 2007

on a trip until thursday and aren’t sure she’s gonna be able to do some bloging during this time!

Hopefully I will but if it’s not possible then:

 I simply see ya all when I’ll get back

Until then, keep to your strategies, discipline and keep coming back for more of my blogs, feel free to leave a comment to me!

Love you and Hugs

Netsson’s very unhappy now!!!!

March 28, 2007

OK this is adressed at the stupid asshole who crashed into my car today and not notified either me nor the police!

I Have to move this weekend, are you gonna pay for the extra expenses i now am faced with due not to be able to use the car? You simply left me with all the cost of first repairing the car, renting another car while this one’s in the shop and the rent of the movers wich i would have been able to do myself!

Just wishing I get info on who you are! And when I do…….?

Not a very happy person at the moment!

Won me another one!

March 22, 2007

OK this is for Svcmgr!

Got some pics and some facts for you 😀 😛

Gosweden link

Facts about Sweden:

  • Area: 450,000 km² (174,000 sq. mi.), third largest country in Western Europe
    Forests: 53%
    Mountains: 11%
    Cultivated land: 8%
    Lakes and rivers: 9%
    Longest north-south distance: 1,574 km (978 mi.)
    Longest east-west distance: 499 km (310 mi.)
  • Capital: Stockholm
  • Population: 9 million inhabitants
  • Languages: Swedish; recognized minority languages: Sami (Lapp), Finnish, Meänkieli (Tornedalen Finnish), Yiddish, Romani Chib (a Gypsy language).
  • Form of government: Constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy.
  • Parliament: The Riksdag, with 349 members in one chamber.
  • Religion: 80% belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden.
  • Average life expectancy: men 78 years, women 82 years.
  • Most important export goods: Electrical and telecom equipment, machinery, passenger cars,  paper,  pharmaceuticals, iron and steel.
  • Most important imported goods: Electrical and telecom equipment,  machinery, foodstuffs, crude oil,  textile products, footwear, passenger cars.  

Average temperatures

Malmö -0.2° C (+31.6° F) + 16.8° C (62.2° F)
Stockholm -2.8° C (+27.0° F) +17.2° C (63.0° F)
Kiruna -16.0° C (+3.2° F) +12.8° C (55.0° F)


Malmö 7 hours 17 hours
Stockholm  6 hours 18 hours
Kiruna  0 hours 24 hours