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netsson’s migrating

April 14, 2010

To new blogaddress Come join me there..

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I Haven’t forgot

April 11, 2010

about posting here, just been busy with my new project which you all are going to be seeing soon and with the kids that have been visiting us this weekend!

Have had time only for one or 2 games.

See you soon, play well and have fun!

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Poker poker poker?

April 8, 2010

What have you done to me poker? Lately I’ve been more focused on thinking of how to improve my flaws. Discussing it and reading up on the matter.

I still don’t know how to improve my aggression in position when it comes to playing against people who tend to only see their own cards? They simply don’t stop to think about what you might bet with and hence that they will not fold to anything if the slightly hit or for that matter think they are just simply higher. As in yesterday. I had this guy who called with any 2. He called an allin preflop for more than 2/3 of his stack out of position with K2 off and just got lucky when his 2 hit on the river. There are simply no way to be more aggressive in position against players like that. Not even with monsterhands since they just hope to get lucky!

I’ve successfully managed to increase my number of hands i play in position thou. I tend to raise more in position with more mediocre hands but it still depends from game to game.I mean am I thinking wrong here? Is it worth it to risk my tournie-life in position just to raise for the sake of raising? Even if it is to set an image? I found that the people i’ve been playing especially lower levels aren’t taking notes, don’t think what the opponent might have or even thinking of potodds, table-image or any other odds for that matter! They don’t know how-to and hence that they just play a game for the sake of playing the game, while i’m trying to play the game for the sake of playing the player and get value on every hand i’m playing!

I can successfully explain why, how to and when if someone ask me a question about my game. I can succesfully answer them why i made that move, why i didn’t make the move and how to make the moves.

I do sincerely hate getting these huge, great potodds unexperienced players tend to give you if i don’t get a playable hand to play in position. I mean moneymanagement/ economically dictates that with a great potodds you should in general call with any 2. But to as this guy yesterday call 2/3 of his stack early in the game was just wrong in so many ways. He was sitting second to speak, he limped on a 60 bb and the guy on the button went allin for 1500 with AK suited (I never get why push allin preflop with AK and risk your tournamentlife on a drawing hand? Unless you’re absolutely sure to win, that means you know they’re going to fold and steal the pot to be sure) This guy called with K2 off, leaving him 750 if he’d loose. Still alive thou but only with some 12 bbs left and soon having to play desperate when the bb levels up just because he simply couldn’t lay down a single hand!

That just screamed in my head Pleeeeeease give me a hand i can double up with! Unfortunately i didn’t get that playable hand, i got moved. But what i want to say is, I know how to read the table, (dynamically what type of game are they playing here), players (who to avoid, who’s not paying attention and who’s the fish, aggression. Well everything), I know how to play flexible, change gears, bets, valuebetting, infobetting, i’m 3 and 4-betting more now. I do know how to play position, how to do odds and so on but i get the feeling the more i learn the less i know! (I know i left out other things needed to know)

Sometimes when i do hit the table i feel like a complete noob with no clue, because i’m just being bored, unfocused! But the only thing that really hinders me at the moment is.. ? Well quite frankly… ME! I need to learn how to keep my focus even when there are hundreds of things flying around me i think!

But i still want this deal i’ve been offered, more than anything in the world i want it and i’m sure as hell going to get it! I simply have to. It’s a once in a lifetime-deal and i’ll do anything to achieve it!

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New month, new day

April 5, 2010

Yesterday i had to ask myself, -What the hell have happened to me? I found myself being really happy and satisfied using a new brush and newly opened washing-up liquid when i was doing the dishes.

That’s sooooooo NOT me! I think? Or is this the new me? Ooooh what the f’ have you done to me Ash?

Our familymemember that fell so ill last weekend was surprisingly sitting up in her chair when i came up last time and that made me so happy, she’s still confused but what to expect when she lost a week. She’s talking, recognizes us all, getting better every day and that’s what matters. Nothing else!

My poker then you ask? Well past 2 days i’ve had no patience at all. I’ve played but been falling for the easiest donks there is without even care. I had one bigstacked guy sitting right after me and i noticed he was pushing allin everytime there were limpers in the pot. So i took a risk when i limped with pp Qs late pos calculating he would push, he did! everyone else folded and i called. I was right he pushed with Q6 and had only 5% chance of winning. But what do you think happened?? RIGHT he rivered an 8 high straight on me sending me out of the tournie!

After that everything felt wrong every game i regged for so i quit playing early. Today the site have been having problems with their servers so i’ve only played 2 tournies and 2 sitngos. but no patience today. i’ve been feeling restless so it’s going to be an early night for me again.

New games tomorrow, new challenges!

Now on to my movies for the rest of the evening!

Play well and have fun..

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Been reading up on Strategies

April 3, 2010

And some of the things gave me, hmmmm, well a questionmarked face!

Like in Sklanskys, Theory of poker (seventh edition) According to fundamental theorem of poker

This is exactly what he says “With four hearts your only out is another heart. But suppose you have two pair along with the four-flush against what looks like Aces up. Now you have two outs making a flush and a full house. Suppose you have a four-flush, two pairs and an inside straight draw. Now you have 3 outs- that is three ways of beating your opponent with Aces up assuming that player doesn’t fill.”

Please tell me i missunderstood what he said here.. Is he saying that i’ve got only 3 outs to a winning hand instead of the usual way to count, 9 possible in the suit for flush, 4 for the straight and 4 to make a FH= 17 outs in total?

Sklansky you’re confusing me here…. Gaaaaaah!

And btw why aren’t you calling some hands by it’s common name like Drawing hands instead of come-hands??

Play well and have fun

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Good start on my day!

April 2, 2010

Woke up to a beautiful day, the sun was shining and on the floor the mailman had dropped a package for me. It was the Scottys Bootcamp-tshirt that arrived in the mail. That was a nice surprise to wake up to!

Thanks Scotty, Joakim and here’s the proof!

That put a nice smile to my face today :D

Play safe and have fun!

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On with pokertalk

March 22, 2010

Well today i do believe i’ve aggravated the pokergods by just sacrificing a rubber-chicken when they probably expected a few real ones, a couple of virgins, a couple of pints of my blood, toad-legs and some wampire-teeths. I kept getting my hands crushed and my ass whooped so badly i’m not going to be able to sit down for a couple of weeks. My Ks got out-rivered by 48 off  with which he raised from second to speak, my ace K suited out-flopped by 8 10 off, he called a 8xbb raise with that and so on and so on… Well i shouldn’t complain since this is what i want to happen but with the luck on my side so i’m still in good spirit even thou my ass is sore LMFAO.

I’ve been talking to some pro’s if they could give me some advice and they did send me a few pointers,  i’m going to reveal them here when i’ve digested them a bit more. I’m about to launch a few projects here,  i think might surprise and please you. More about that later on but i promise i’m working on it :D

My biggest question is still how to improve aggression in position on a loose aggressive table when playing on such low levels it’s cheaper to keep chasing/calling all the way and buyin again than keep on playing wisely!

Anyone got an answer here for me?

I do get the impression that people are not thinking money/bankroll-management even when they’re on the lowest levels, it is the most stupid thing they can do. Ok you might not feel it is equally hard to loose 10 games $0.20 each than 1 game $2.00 buyin or higher. You get my drift here? But still it is equally important to play wisely on these microlevels in order to be able to step up. I mean you play 10 games a’ $0.20 each loose 9 and win one you’re doing a profitloss of $1.50. 10 times that and you lost $15 and won $5! You have done a netloss of $10 here even if you’re only play the $0.20-game! It really quickly adds up to a lot of money!

You see how stupid that strategy can be when you count on it? Allin first hand with any 2 and a chance you double up. OK Aggression is important but you need to implement the aggression at the right time.

Another thing i’ve seen past year is the allin-preflop-push with High pps or drawing hands like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 1010 or AK, AQ, AJ, and A10 (or worse ANY Ace rag). Especially early in a game it’s stupid strategic move to risk your whole tournament on one hand, with still over 75 bb in your stack. It seems like people expect those hands to win and double up which isn’t true, there is no such thing as a 100% winning startinghand!

As David Sklansky is putting it “To say a pokerplayer is out to make money does not neccessarily means he’s out to win pots, of course you can’t win money without winning pots but attempting to win either every pot, too many pots or strategically wrong decision-made pots is a loosing strategy in the long run”

That means if i understand him right, that the 2 best ways to win in poker is “to make your opponent draw the wrong conclusion and make the wrong decisions either if it’s to raise/bet/call on your winning hand or fold on your second best hand”. The second way is to reduce your losses by not making calls or bets that a weaker or less experienced player would make. These 2 rules would add so much more to your winnings when the game is over. Many players don’t follow this, however obvious and clear it may seem. They play as though they want to win the pot, one individual pot at all costs!

He’s also saying “The worst of them to put it bluntly are the suckers in the game. On the other hand a good player develops the patience to wait for the right situations to play a pot and develops the discipline to release a hand he judges to be second best”

That means don’t risk your tournament-life and be prepaired to fold a loosing hand no matter what that hand would be.

Play safe, play well and have fun

I’ve quoted some of David Sklanskys theorem of poker, here

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The Curse of weekends??

March 20, 2010

Fridays and saturdays are the worst days for me when it comes to playing poker. I know everyone’s telling me -Ohh it’s during these days you should play since all drunken fish are out there and you should easily cash up at the tables! Yes i agree but i keep getting outdrawn on the weekends when playing by any 2. LMFAO i know i shouldn’t nag about it! Especially when it’s in my favour in the long run so i’m not complaining! I just feel i haven’t got the patience to sit down and wait for my moments. Got other things i rather want to spend time doing uhm and people LMAO.

I’ve got some projects i’ve started too, going to let you in on them when they’re running more smoothly.

i’m still doing my homeworks progressing my skills and strategy. My challenge is still going strong, started using off my tickets doing 2 sitngos wich i both won first so my bankroll is on the way there. Still got some 85 days left to get more tickets!

Found some of my teenage-friends yesterday and that made me really happy,been talking now a lot today to one of my best friends during my wild teenage-time and i invited her to come visit, looking forward to see her again. Wonder if Ash’s going to survive 2 swedish airheads at the time LMFAO??? We’ll see later this spring/summer! He really have this funny face every time i do talk to someone back in sweden, thinking it sounds funny 😀

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LMAO Got challenged

March 16, 2010

got 90 days to accumulate as much points as possible by playing only freerolls. For every win i get a ticket into $0.50 either 6 seater or 10-sitngos. Every ticket’s valid for 2 months so the challenge is to see how much money i’ve won at the end of June from absolutely nothing! Every freeroll has been soo easy to win, 4 tickets in 2 days now, some 300 entrants and all just fish who never heard of odds, position or anything remotely strategic when it comes to poker so i’m in for a smooth ride here.

Today i had this big-stacked guy bullying the table, sitting to my left who called anything with any 2, so i decided on the strategy of playing weak every time i actually hit or had something since he just pushed allin on the river no matter if he hit or not. I just knew he was the one that was going to double me up!

Got my chance with rockets so i limped on my bb, he raised and got 3 callers including me. I flopped trips. First to speak I checked and as i thought he pushed with second pair. The others called the allin with A3 just having a pair of aces. The other one had pp 8s. My trips held up so i quadrupled up there. After that point all i had to do was bet and reraise if he bet or reraised me!

He couldn’t bully me since i started to chip up to finally have more chips than him. This strategy also meant risking that i was going to be outrivered when just limping with AQ or AJ in position, even my pp Qs i had to fold on a bad flop but i was prepared to fold monsterhands here just in order to get all the chips from this bigstacked guy! That was my goal and i stuck to it . My strategy held up and he ended up 37th out of the money and me winning the ticket on his expense. He just couldn’t change gear closer to the money, calling allins for half his stack with 49 off out of position. BUT he was hilarious and made me laugh and that made it even more worth it all! TY you’re now my favourite-fish and i’ll not tell who you are since you’re going to be the one adding to my bankroll, not even going to tell where LMFAO 😛

Decided to take this challenge since i need to go back to some basics in order to get this deal i’m i really want! If i can improve my game (I’m on scrutiny for a couple of months here), especially when it comes to aggression, odds and position. Thought it would be best to try out new strategies where i can do it in lowrisk-game. Need to improve my patience too since i last year soo easily got bored and my focus started drifting from the game to something else LMAO.. A lot of the games really have been going on routine and that’s the worst state of mind to start a game in.

Should be fun to play otherwise Don’t! Have been saying this before and i really need to follow my own advice here.

To be continued

Be safe and have fun

Just had to comment this

March 7, 2010

Is this to go a bit too far or what do you think?  I mean come on representing dead Pikes calling it murder!! I can certainly agree on harsher and stronger laws for cruelty against animals but where’s the line to be drawn here. Do we drag kids to the court for stepping on ants now? Have to say i thought it was April fools day when i first read this in the news!

And people are for sure gonna be upset by this lawyer comparing burned dogs with decapitated children and huge amount of drugs! i can understand his point of view that animals need to have someone speaking for them and i’m no god who say i’m more worthy than the animals but wouldn’t it be better to actually have the small claims court and specialists taking these cases so the prosecutor doesn’t HAVE to compare the cases then!

The day i need a prosecutor who’s burning for his job i don’t want him to be blase over the caseload and comparision of cases especially if he has  to compare the case of a “murdered” Pike and a decapitated kid!

Swiss dogs to get legal representatives

Swiss lawyers can get it a lot trickier in their dealings with clients in the future. On Sunday it will be determined on fish, hamsters, dogs and other vulnerable animals should be entitled to legal assistance.
Sunday’s referendum is a so-called people’s initiative, a renowned feature of Swiss democracy.Those who manage to get together 100 000 signatures to force a vote on almost anything, and this has now animal rights organization Schweizer Tierschutz (STS) succeeded.
In canton Zurich, the animal had the right to a lawyer since 1992. The question now is whether this should be mandatory also in the rest of the country.
Antoine Goetschel has as animal lawyers in Zurich has become the vote poster’s name. He manages an annual basis up to about 200 court cases, but irritating on that it is often the most weird cases which attracts attention. For example, when he was last week in court representing a pike murdered by a fisherman.

Poor pay

Most cases, however, cats, dogs and cattle that are exposed to serious animal cruelty. The clients are almost always lousy pay, so Goetschels hourly rate about 200 francs paid by the cantonal authorities.
Switzerland was already one of the world’s toughest animal protection laws. For example, it’s illegal to flush down live ornamental fish in the toilet – they must first be killed with with the gentle method possible. And animals with high social needs, such as hamsters, are not to be left alone.
But the sentences for those convicted are often low. Goetschel find it logical that it compels the judiciary to take the animals more seriously.
– If the prosecutor gets a case of huge amounts of drugs, and one with a decapitated child, and then two severe burned dogs come in – when he says, “Oh, What”. I understand, “said Goetschel.
– It would be fairer to give the animals a voice.

Uncertain outcome

And as animal rights lawyer, he needs help. Right now, he has a total of 50 cases on his desk, for example, a horse who died after being exposed for 30 stabwounds.
According to opinion polls support the two-thirds of the Swiss proposal. It is still uncertain whether animal rights proposal get the green light when the results start to come on Sunday afternoon, as it requires a majority not only among those who go to the polls, but among the general population.
Switzerland holding three referendums on Sunday. In addition to animal law the Swiss are taking position on tightening the pension system and to a question about the law of research and science.

On to some other notes, i’ve been rooting for Scotty Nguyen in his NBC Heads-Up challenge and he’s on to his forth HU today against Mercier after beating Gabe Kaplan and Phil Ivey for his second and third game and someone Unknown in his first.  I myself had an early night yesterday with no poker at all. I went to bed with a book wich i quickly fell asleep from already at 10.00 pm 😀 leaving everything to be sorted out by Ash! Sorry baby but Oooh it felt like heaven getting an early night! Still as usual got awaken up by the dog dancing around the bed licking my hand! So i had to get up at 3.00 and walk her! I don’t know why we have a nocturnal dog who loves to play and have her walkies during the nights instead of the day?

Oh and Paulie i’ve just made 2 posts and you’ve done none Mooooahahahaha! Come on Paulie, Dave and Gof get yer thumbs out of yer asses now and hit the keyboards 😀

See ya!