The Curse of weekends??

March 20, 2010

Fridays and saturdays are the worst days for me when it comes to playing poker. I know everyone’s telling me -Ohh it’s during these days you should play since all drunken fish are out there and you should easily cash up at the tables! Yes i agree but i keep getting outdrawn on the weekends when playing by any 2. LMFAO i know i shouldn’t nag about it! Especially when it’s in my favour in the long run so i’m not complaining! I just feel i haven’t got the patience to sit down and wait for my moments. Got other things i rather want to spend time doing uhm and people LMAO.

I’ve got some projects i’ve started too, going to let you in on them when they’re running more smoothly.

i’m still doing my homeworks progressing my skills and strategy. My challenge is still going strong, started using off my tickets doing 2 sitngos wich i both won first so my bankroll is on the way there. Still got some 85 days left to get more tickets!

Found some of my teenage-friends yesterday and that made me really happy,been talking now a lot today to one of my best friends during my wild teenage-time and i invited her to come visit, looking forward to see her again. Wonder if Ash’s going to survive 2 swedish airheads at the time LMFAO??? We’ll see later this spring/summer! He really have this funny face every time i do talk to someone back in sweden, thinking it sounds funny 😀

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LMAO Got challenged

March 16, 2010

got 90 days to accumulate as much points as possible by playing only freerolls. For every win i get a ticket into $0.50 either 6 seater or 10-sitngos. Every ticket’s valid for 2 months so the challenge is to see how much money i’ve won at the end of June from absolutely nothing! Every freeroll has been soo easy to win, 4 tickets in 2 days now, some 300 entrants and all just fish who never heard of odds, position or anything remotely strategic when it comes to poker so i’m in for a smooth ride here.

Today i had this big-stacked guy bullying the table, sitting to my left who called anything with any 2, so i decided on the strategy of playing weak every time i actually hit or had something since he just pushed allin on the river no matter if he hit or not. I just knew he was the one that was going to double me up!

Got my chance with rockets so i limped on my bb, he raised and got 3 callers including me. I flopped trips. First to speak I checked and as i thought he pushed with second pair. The others called the allin with A3 just having a pair of aces. The other one had pp 8s. My trips held up so i quadrupled up there. After that point all i had to do was bet and reraise if he bet or reraised me!

He couldn’t bully me since i started to chip up to finally have more chips than him. This strategy also meant risking that i was going to be outrivered when just limping with AQ or AJ in position, even my pp Qs i had to fold on a bad flop but i was prepared to fold monsterhands here just in order to get all the chips from this bigstacked guy! That was my goal and i stuck to it . My strategy held up and he ended up 37th out of the money and me winning the ticket on his expense. He just couldn’t change gear closer to the money, calling allins for half his stack with 49 off out of position. BUT he was hilarious and made me laugh and that made it even more worth it all! TY you’re now my favourite-fish and i’ll not tell who you are since you’re going to be the one adding to my bankroll, not even going to tell where LMFAO 😛

Decided to take this challenge since i need to go back to some basics in order to get this deal i’m i really want! If i can improve my game (I’m on scrutiny for a couple of months here), especially when it comes to aggression, odds and position. Thought it would be best to try out new strategies where i can do it in lowrisk-game. Need to improve my patience too since i last year soo easily got bored and my focus started drifting from the game to something else LMAO.. A lot of the games really have been going on routine and that’s the worst state of mind to start a game in.

Should be fun to play otherwise Don’t! Have been saying this before and i really need to follow my own advice here.

To be continued

Be safe and have fun

Just had to comment this

March 7, 2010

Is this to go a bit too far or what do you think?  I mean come on representing dead Pikes calling it murder!! I can certainly agree on harsher and stronger laws for cruelty against animals but where’s the line to be drawn here. Do we drag kids to the court for stepping on ants now? Have to say i thought it was April fools day when i first read this in the news!

And people are for sure gonna be upset by this lawyer comparing burned dogs with decapitated children and huge amount of drugs! i can understand his point of view that animals need to have someone speaking for them and i’m no god who say i’m more worthy than the animals but wouldn’t it be better to actually have the small claims court and specialists taking these cases so the prosecutor doesn’t HAVE to compare the cases then!

The day i need a prosecutor who’s burning for his job i don’t want him to be blase over the caseload and comparision of cases especially if he has  to compare the case of a “murdered” Pike and a decapitated kid!

Swiss dogs to get legal representatives

Swiss lawyers can get it a lot trickier in their dealings with clients in the future. On Sunday it will be determined on fish, hamsters, dogs and other vulnerable animals should be entitled to legal assistance.
Sunday’s referendum is a so-called people’s initiative, a renowned feature of Swiss democracy.Those who manage to get together 100 000 signatures to force a vote on almost anything, and this has now animal rights organization Schweizer Tierschutz (STS) succeeded.
In canton Zurich, the animal had the right to a lawyer since 1992. The question now is whether this should be mandatory also in the rest of the country.
Antoine Goetschel has as animal lawyers in Zurich has become the vote poster’s name. He manages an annual basis up to about 200 court cases, but irritating on that it is often the most weird cases which attracts attention. For example, when he was last week in court representing a pike murdered by a fisherman.

Poor pay

Most cases, however, cats, dogs and cattle that are exposed to serious animal cruelty. The clients are almost always lousy pay, so Goetschels hourly rate about 200 francs paid by the cantonal authorities.
Switzerland was already one of the world’s toughest animal protection laws. For example, it’s illegal to flush down live ornamental fish in the toilet – they must first be killed with with the gentle method possible. And animals with high social needs, such as hamsters, are not to be left alone.
But the sentences for those convicted are often low. Goetschel find it logical that it compels the judiciary to take the animals more seriously.
– If the prosecutor gets a case of huge amounts of drugs, and one with a decapitated child, and then two severe burned dogs come in – when he says, “Oh, What”. I understand, “said Goetschel.
– It would be fairer to give the animals a voice.

Uncertain outcome

And as animal rights lawyer, he needs help. Right now, he has a total of 50 cases on his desk, for example, a horse who died after being exposed for 30 stabwounds.
According to opinion polls support the two-thirds of the Swiss proposal. It is still uncertain whether animal rights proposal get the green light when the results start to come on Sunday afternoon, as it requires a majority not only among those who go to the polls, but among the general population.
Switzerland holding three referendums on Sunday. In addition to animal law the Swiss are taking position on tightening the pension system and to a question about the law of research and science.

On to some other notes, i’ve been rooting for Scotty Nguyen in his NBC Heads-Up challenge and he’s on to his forth HU today against Mercier after beating Gabe Kaplan and Phil Ivey for his second and third game and someone Unknown in his first.  I myself had an early night yesterday with no poker at all. I went to bed with a book wich i quickly fell asleep from already at 10.00 pm 😀 leaving everything to be sorted out by Ash! Sorry baby but Oooh it felt like heaven getting an early night! Still as usual got awaken up by the dog dancing around the bed licking my hand! So i had to get up at 3.00 and walk her! I don’t know why we have a nocturnal dog who loves to play and have her walkies during the nights instead of the day?

Oh and Paulie i’ve just made 2 posts and you’ve done none Mooooahahahaha! Come on Paulie, Dave and Gof get yer thumbs out of yer asses now and hit the keyboards 😀

See ya!

Well long time overdue but…

March 6, 2010

Taaaa daaaah i’m finally back to annoy you all with some nagging, laughs, whinings and randomly bits and pieces of my thoughts and happenings. Did you miss me? :D ?

As most of you already know a lot have happened since i did regular posts. I’m still in England and will be for, well let’s just say i’m staying here! Just came over here for a short visit but the view that met me at the airport was hunkaliciously fantastic and i’ll not for anything in this universe wanna loose that view, want it to follow me everywhere. It’s absolutely gorgeous :D! Yep it’s a he, my gorgeous view! And as the Beotch i am i quickly sank my claws into that beautiful view and i won’t let go ever!

I’ve set myself up for a huge challenge as well when it comes to poker. I found a site where i only had some $0.50 on and i said to myself “wonder how long it will take me to grind it up to a comfortable level?” Well that was about some 2-3 months ago and since then i’m up to $55 just by playing $0.10-$0.20 sitngos. Hum soooooooo boring yes but necessary!

I had last year some really good months where i was up about $1200 just playing some $10 bounties at cake-network but due to some unfortunately stupid moves by me i had to withdraw most f it leaving me very and i mean VERY short, just to have to start all over grinding again and that’s just been awful for the mental part of me.

Yes i know i’ve been nagging and whining about bad luck and yes i do agree it’s not that’s been the true reason. All you do at the pokertable is been reflecting by the state of mind you’re in, I know i’ve admitted it. you happy now baby?? BUT you know it’s a womans perogative to have blaming-tantrums so what’s a poor woman supposed to do?? :P

The other day i was asked to improve some bits in my games in order to make a deal so i’m gonna have to since this is something i really wanna do but some of the things i want to improve i have to say is hard to do when playing on lower levels. OK playing position i can do better but how do you increase your aggression at a microlevel where people call with ANY 2 and it’s cheap to loose and buyin to next game? There’s no thoughts behind some of the callers you get. There’s no playing the player so to speak!  So anyone that can give me a tip or 2 let me know?

I’ve got a wish for the pokersites, why not add a possibility to take down table-notes, i mean sometimes there’s the table-dynamic you want to register together with the player-notes. How they interact with each other. How one players actions effects the others and the dynamic at the table! so on and so on!

Well my game started, got trip 7s first hand and doubled up so now i’ll focus on the game but i’ll be back i promise!

Happy New Year Everyone

January 6, 2009

I know! I know! I know!

I’m a bit Ashamed for not been updating my Blog in such long time but i promise i’m gonna do better 2009!

This is the first of many more to come!

Been playing poker of course most every day lately!

Found myself loving it here in England after been here for over 2 months now! Being spoiled rotten!

My heart is right here where i am right now and Oboy what a nice feeling that is! How many can these days truly say their heart and love is exactly where they want it to be! I’m just so happy I had the guts to take the step and travel over here to meet the guy i really and truly love! Even thou the trips took between 20 and 44.5 hours, it soo was worth every second of it!!

Well until next time have a nice time and be safe, remember to have fun!!

Who am I

January 8, 2008

OK after been running this blog for almost a year now i thought it’s time to reveal a little bit about who i am!

1) Swedish, female

2) Love racing, have my own 6-gear 100 cc gocart and have been racing cars. (speed-junkie he** yeah) 8)

3) Collector of something called micromachines. Have my own little town in my livingroom with houses, cars and a spaceport with spaceships added to it. (Aaaawww toys!!!)

4) The only one who have been allowed into, then escorted back and deported from a european country all in the timeframe of 30-45 minutes. (Hummm, forgot the greencard-insurance on the car back home nicely on the kitchentable and loudly refusing to buy a new one at the border, so forgetful yep that’s me)

5) started playing poker early, some 35 years ago now. Uhmmm knuckle-poker anyone? It’s either 5 card draw or 5 card stud but with high/low where the high gets to punish the low, a red card gets you a burn on the lower arm and black card hit you on your knuckles, all done with the deck. (Painful poker, you have to improve so you don’t have to go around bruised and burned)

6) Hate to sleep (would love if that habit could be gotten rid of)

7) Been hosed with cold water by the working ladies of the night in a european big city when checking where my company went. ( 😀 the bouncer dragged my male companions into a uhm uhm “bar” Of course i go check they are ok. Well what a compliment to me if they thought i was competition and nooo i wasn’t dressed for the occasion exactly) 8)

8 ) After driving for some 12 hours, pulled over to get me some sleep just to be awaken a couple of hours later by some angry germans for totally blocking the service-entrance to the restaurant so they couldn’t open it in time. (I come from the land where the sun never sets during summer and in germany it’s pitch-black! Didn’t see the door, sorry! But on the other hand i really believe i was in a totally different land/city 😀 ….. Argh missed my ordinary ferry to west-geramany and uuuhm got on another one and landed where i wasn’t supposed too uhuh in east-germany)

9) Got my identity mixed up with an 18-MONTH old male-baby when trying to get back from yet another european country. (Hard to explain to the borderpatrol, of course they tried to say they didn’t do anything wrong at the travelagency but still to be accused of being 18-months when 30-years is a bit too far out even for a female who doesn’t wanna get older. 18 years hmmmmm maybe but months naaaah)

Well that’s a bit about me and more to come later

On with the Poker

Wooohooo getting my poker-mojo back bit by bit.. And tonight i had more luck than i have had the past whole year. Yeah i can admit to that but i changed some small things in my gamingstrategy tonight. Added more aggression to the game and it paid off for me! Before the game i swore i was gonna get paid tonight and i be damned if i bubbled yet another time. Was the chipleader most of the time and got me some very lucky hands there.

One stood out quite a deal and that was my rockets against pp jacks. On the flop i kind of watched my tournament fly out through the window when q j q hitted. But i rivered this time when k ace came up. Still i did the right move wether i won or not, pushing the rockets hard. Well my luck kind of held up through the whole tournament until headsup and i got me a second place.

Congrats to Paulie who won. You earned it even if you too got some very good hands there at the end and I didn’t!

Next time i’ll get you!

For me I’ve had 2 days now with pure fun poker, challenges at it’s best and i thank you all for it!

up against lowstacks and other stuff

January 5, 2008

Svcmgr has in his blog posted a topic that i do find important! I do believe it’s important to play to win and not to loose, there is a big difference between those two styles of strategy. It is also important to try and take out the lowstacks at the table as soon as possible with any 2 cards but there’s one aspect that’s not mentioned anywhere and you all recognice it, you all been there! It’s when you feel in all of your essence from the hairroots down to the toenails how wrong that hand feels, no matter what it is! You simply know that the hand will bust!

Even after long thoughtful consideration no matter if it is the rockets, any 2 cards, how good the potodds or any other odds are or how high stack you’ve got, you just know deep inside this hand will bust!

In that case i will fold my hand! And don’t come here and say the potodds or your obligation as highstacked dictates that you should call in order to get them out, yes you should i agree but if it feels utterly wrong then fold! Next any 2 cards could feel the other way!

Everyone that knows me know that i never ever have preached the-follow-your-gutfeelingstrategy and that i everytime anyone bust me nags about how stupid i think they played (only if i’m busted with a lesser hand than i had, i’m not a poor looser) but still the gutfeeling are a force wich cannot be ignored so wherever you see or however you look at it it’s gonna be there for people (me) to get upset by!

How I’m doing in poker?

Well during November i did really good, played the 6-seater $10 sitngoes and often with the result, played 3 – won 2 and made 1 second! hehe

But now? I have had a very long streak of bad luck when i have been carddead the whole december and up until this day. It changes slowly to the better but i can say this with honesty if i get quads first hand i just know i’m gonna bust within an hour and a half! Had it 2 games in a row and was in both games totally carddead almost for 2 hours into the game, didn’t even play my bbs due to getting raised and sitting with q 2, k 3 or 7 2 off. That was the cards i got! And so has it been for more than a month. Looking at the stats shows that i looked at 7% of the flops for 2 hours and won 1% of them. Hmmmm! The stats speaks for itself here. And when i finally got a hand like pp jacks or queens i get busted against ace 5 off and a two pair!

Getting concerned and considering now that i might have fallen back into some of the bad habits i used to have playing? (That would mean that i haven’t made any progress or learned anything past year, can it really be so?) Either if it is not having fun and playing routinely or if the bad streaks makes me play overly tight? But looking at the cards i folded and what came up on the board dictates that i folded correctly and would have been busted more quickly if i played them. So overly tight it can’t be! For the not-having-that-fun playing? Well it isn’t fun loosing or bubble out constantly over a long period of time so can’t argue with that!

Well the christmas week was the first time since late november i actually did see progress when i came in second in a sitngo! I bubbled out in the ofc-buyin but i played better, got better cards and had more fun than i had for a long time! Was in skype taunting Pinkdog when i had more chips than he had and he taunted me about how he was right behind me, coming to get my chips. nonono For a long time there i managed to keep ahead of him until i got pp qs in my sb and i raised the bb (who was way chipleader over me) He reraised and i believed he was trying to steal so i went allin just to find myself up against his rockets, they held and out i went on my ass! That was a very nice hand and win for him!

Read a question on the topic how to overcome bad-beats and bad streaks and the answer is: Practice, practice, practice and patience, patience, patience! Play one game per day for practice of playing/reading people and no-more. The no-more is the practice of learning patience! Know that everyone have these moments (some for short periods and others longer periods of time) but everyone experiences them, everyone feels the unfairness of being outdrawn hand after hand!

As a friend of mine tells me everytime i bitch about my bad luck (and this brings me back to the reality every time i hear it)

-Well you can’t in reality expect to win them all!

(boy do i feel stupid when i’m getting told that!)


But i still have to struggle and fight! Nothing comes easy in this game and it shouldn’t either!

Play smart, fair and have lots of fun!

Big Hugs

I Just want to

December 27, 2007

wish you all a very happy, prosperous New Year!!!

netsson’s making a statement

December 16, 2007

I’ve been a loyal member and immensely proud of representing PCS forum, you all know that! I deeply believe that as a forum with all the strength represented by the ppl there we can beat any other forum out there but my concern has been misread.

I as I stated in my blog never had anything against the new rules, i can understand them and as I further stated haven’t got the answer to run a forum, no complaints there either. My concern were all this couldn’t-care-less-mentality that seems to run deeply among everyone. The no-debate nor no-answer on how’s and whys, the lack of interest as it looks when playing to improve and learn. The lack of desire to go out there and promote the forum’s motto as you have stated there “The best place to be, learn and improve”! And if the mentality is just that, how do we mantle the will to promote the forum in the games and win? That is my major concern and that’s exactly the debate i wanted to start!

I also stated that i had no desire to take side thus i didn’t have all the facts nor the desire to get all the facts, that is not my business and that i stand by. BUT as long as a person hasn’t wronged me I still talk to that person, as i said i have no desire to get in the middle between 2 ppl that have different opinions. You guys all are dear friends of mine as long as you show me respect as a person and i won’t stand it to be forced to choose side.

Now i feel that it’s exactly what is forced upon me by a pm I got!

Cannot emphasize this enough Please observe that I’m not saying either party done right nor wrong here not my business just this whole thing has gotten out of proportion!

It’s a shame that it have come down to this fight over principles of who said that and who did what! The real issue got lost and unfortunately ppl get caught in middle (now i feel it’s me), the real issue about how to get the heart and soul back into the game, how to get the members to rise to the occasion and fight for the forum, how to help to get self help to improve the game, to be at our best so we can show everyone else we’re a force to be reckon with here! I don’t wanna be a part of this game of principles! I just wanna be the best i can! I refuse to take side and to choose whom I’m allowed to speak to and those who tries to force that kind of decision upon me, well i don’t feel are as open minded nor a friend who cares about me! I’m sorry but that’s how i feel. Nothing personal nor how the forum’s run.

You got to be able to have a debate, discussion, embrace different opinions, to criticize and take critique to rise with the task otherwise it’s just a bunch of people hanging out but that seems to have been forgotten in the heat here! Hell yeah i feel immensely sad about the request of removing the link to my blog even thou stated it’s nothing personal. The “request” is undoubtedly a request to either remove my blog link in the forum and choose a certain side or remove the link in my blog to choose the other side or where will it end?


I just wanna play poker at my best and improve to be even better!

So I’m putting my membership on ice now, taking time out at least until the new year and maybe, maybe i just stick to playing the 2 games per month if or when this whole matter blows over and the objective again is to become the better, more skilled poker player? I still have wonderful friends in the forum and I still feel i wanna be proud of the forum i started to care so much for.

If someone feel I wronged them then I apologize not my intention here and if you feel i shouldn’t come back well then thanks for a wonderful time and the friendship!

I will play the OFC for PCS both games but after that? Well hell i don’t know anymore i just feel such deep sorrow over the whole thing! I need to think of what I want!

commenting forum transformation

December 14, 2007

OK I wasn’t gonna respond to the debate regarding the forums transformation but there are a few pointers that i think hasn’t been said in this matter. I can understand the feeling of not be able to speak your mind in a forum-post! Sometimes there is this feeling of running through a minefield when posting something that resemble a complaint, it’s not easy to satisfy everyone but to hear I couldn’t care less if ppl stay or not, well that really doesn’t make ppl feel welcome to stay nor join or push for the forum!

A forum where all sides cannot be heard is not a forum, there has to be a multiple-way-communication to be a forum where everyone has the right to speak their mind. But i’m not gonna judge in specific situations due to not been present at times and not having all facts in my hand. I’m not saying this side’s right or this side’s wrong. The terms i could easily stand up for since i’m already playing the 2 games per month that’s not the issue ppl! It’s when ppl feel obligated to enter a game i.e just to boost the numbers so it get pointscoring you never get ppl who really wanna play at their best. hence you don’t see skills improving either and you will not see the boost in numbers of new members improving and winning for the forum. This forum have exceptional good quality-players who should beat any other forums anytime but we’re lacking the desire to do so! That’s the issue that should be solved!

What i’m more thinking and turning against is when you get the same 15 ppl playing it inevitable ends up with routine and no chance of improving your gameskill. It doesn’t matter if the buyin is free or up to $50. You still get your monsterhand sucked out after raising preflop 5-8Xbb by ace-rag or any facecard-rag. That is what happens playing daily same ppl who say either “that’s poker” or “I only play with friends for fun” NEWS-FLASH that’s not poker and definately not a fun game with friends, it’s a crappy-job! Those who really wanna improve, working on improving their skills with odds and strategies are getting sucked out by ppl who just enters a friendly game who think their any facecard-rag is a purrrrdy hand! We loose interest to play these games and if these complaints gets unheard or you can’t speak them outloud cause of hurt feelings or terms like “relax it’s a game with friends!!!” then i find something else to do, don’t wanna throw my money away even if it is to friends.

Still as i said I know it isn’t easy to run clubs or forum and satisfy everyone and i’m not the possessor of all the answers on how to! But how do you expect the members to feel the desire to fight for the forum if you lost it yourself?

I’m reconsidering a fullstop of playing poker from new year and find something else to occupy my free time because i just wish for a game where luck takes the backseat and skill is what determines the game and that is nothing i can see in near future. To me the forum lost it’s objective and transformed to well more of a kindergarden where ppl hang out and i lost my interest in the process! That was not what i signed up for!

I play the ofc and i will do my very best to win as much as i can but frankly i couldn’t care less anymore about the money the forum might get. I’m taking time-out!