Won me another one!

OK this is for Svcmgr!

Got some pics and some facts for you 😀 😛

Gosweden link

Facts about Sweden:

  • Area: 450,000 km² (174,000 sq. mi.), third largest country in Western Europe
    Forests: 53%
    Mountains: 11%
    Cultivated land: 8%
    Lakes and rivers: 9%
    Longest north-south distance: 1,574 km (978 mi.)
    Longest east-west distance: 499 km (310 mi.)
  • Capital: Stockholm
  • Population: 9 million inhabitants
  • Languages: Swedish; recognized minority languages: Sami (Lapp), Finnish, Meänkieli (Tornedalen Finnish), Yiddish, Romani Chib (a Gypsy language).
  • Form of government: Constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy.
  • Parliament: The Riksdag, with 349 members in one chamber.
  • Religion: 80% belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden.
  • Average life expectancy: men 78 years, women 82 years.
  • Most important export goods: Electrical and telecom equipment, machinery, passenger cars,  paper,  pharmaceuticals, iron and steel.
  • Most important imported goods: Electrical and telecom equipment,  machinery, foodstuffs, crude oil,  textile products, footwear, passenger cars.  

Average temperatures

Malmö -0.2° C (+31.6° F) + 16.8° C (62.2° F)
Stockholm -2.8° C (+27.0° F) +17.2° C (63.0° F)
Kiruna -16.0° C (+3.2° F) +12.8° C (55.0° F)


Malmö 7 hours 17 hours
Stockholm  6 hours 18 hours
Kiruna  0 hours 24 hours

6 Responses to “Won me another one!”

  1. svcmgr Says:

    Thanks for the information on Sweden Net. I also looked on MSN. It sure looks like you got a lot of lakes and rivers there. I was suprised that in the summer the average temperature was only 67 degrees F.

    I must of ran into Dog after you left. He gave me a verbal slap to the head once in a while to keep me in line. But other than that I played my game and got 2nd both times.

    Congratulations on the win!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. PinkDog Says:

    You played solid poker last night and I’m glad you knew when to call it quits, a very smart move I need to learn more about. lol

    One thing I tried too get across, between the lines, was that in Omaha h/l we shouldn’t get in the habit of playing every marginal hand we catch.

    Discipline and patience are needed in poker and are mandatory in Omaha h/l, like when I catch A 2 9 Q rainbowed, the urge to play for the low hand is always in my mind, but the discipline takes over and I know I must fold crappie hands like that.

    Patince to wait out the runs of poor starting hands is a must because the winning stratagy in h/l is to only play to scoop the pot.

    I’ll watch you play anytime I can but you must remember I have given bad advice before, lol, just ask Blaggz, he’s got lots of horror stories to tell.

    Take Care Netty and as always ….
    See Ya on the Felt

  3. Blagger Says:

    Hey Dave.. Don’t forget the trees.. man the trees.. mile after mile after mile of them..

    I once drove from the UK to north Sweden and once yah get past Stockholm in the bottom quarter of the country .. there is nothing but Elk and Trees.. It’s surreal driving for two days past Fir Trees and no people..

  4. netsson Says:

    Blagger that’s the real beauty to be able to drive mile after mile without even have to blend down the headlight’s and to feel free of anyone breathing down your neck all the time! That’s partly why i’m moving from stockholm!

    dog: I never ever play hands where i can’t see i get the high or both h/l so never chase the lo with a bad highhand that’s one of my strategies! Never play anything that gives me less than a flush! As i earlier said a lo flush is better than a high straight so i never play ace, king, queen, jack rainbow either. my ultimate startinghand is ace, ace, king, 2 in 2 suits! and i try to limit my involvment in the pot if my hands not in the region of that.

    Svcmgr WTG on the second there. I’ve noticed that dog doesn’t have to say anything or slap verbally it’s enough to know he’s watching sometimes!

    Oboy now he only has to say he’s watching and then he can go to sleep and i behaive (focus) , Don’t know if i’m gonna say bad pinkdog bad or WTG rofl

  5. svcmgr Says:

    Great point Dog. I always have to remind myself that the object is to scoop. Throwing money into a pot in which you could be quartered or worse is not very smart.
    Thats what happens when you play A 2 and crap.
    I really don’t think a lot of people actually know how to really play the game.
    Thanks for the help.

    Wilderness – I guess you just hope your car doesn’t break down.
    There is only 9 million of em.
    We got 3 million just in Chicago, Il.

  6. zitlips Says:

    waaaaaaaaa ….. : ( ….I don’t get to play during the week…and then I read these stories of your games and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…although I do enjoy hearing your good fortunes and winnings and proper playing strategies….I hope to catch in on the fun during the weekends….love ya all…Lippy

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